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G Herbo – Trenches Know My Name Lyrics

G Herbo Trenches Know My Name Lyrics, Trenches Know My Name Lyrics by G Herbo

(Southside on the track, yeah)
Call them twins, that told me I was in a different bag, man
My mind, my vision clear, on 4nem
2020 was my richest year, no bap

I can’t stay out in my hood
‘Cause my life at risk
We put niggas up for good
I don’t like to diss

I been gangsta since forever
I’ma die like this
I got tired of toting berettas and that’s why I’m rich

Let my soul bleed
Guess they love me ’cause I’m fighting demons
I seen bodies dropping every season
I watched people that I love leave me
Known killers that’ll murder niggas for no reason, please believe me

Trying take it all easy but this shit ain’t easy
I be trying to help ’em eat but all these niggas greazy
I ain’t with no fucking treatys
We ain’t Wop and Jeezy
I’m between making peace and watching oppas bleeding

Long live B Weezy
Long live Breezy
Toting pistols like I’m Peewee, I saw Kobe wheezing
Say Lil Roc was breathing heavily, shit stressing me
We was sliding all weekend, catching niggas sleeping

Pulled on buddy, he ain’t check out but I bet he decent
Nigga blessed, I guess, we tried to glue him to the cement
Now I’m rocking all this ice, the trenches caught amnesia
That’s a quick history lesson, for whoever need it, uh

I be hopping out the whip, I’m still the same nigga
But my guns more expensive and my chains bigger
Trying to find the quickest way for me to make 8 figures
Figured I don’t gotta save it, if it came quicker

Niggas, bitches, mention my name, they get flamed with it
Niggas friendly with this fame
Nigga, I ain’t with it
Post-traumatic so that shit still in my brain
Trench baby, so the trenches know my name
Never been a lame (Ay)

Label me a stain
We gon’ dome check ya’ gang (Bop)
Ay, .40’s jammed up on us, left them bitches in the rain (Damn)
Stackin’ hundreds, but like pennies, I won’t never change
Won everywhere I played like Lebron James

I’m too accustomed to pain, I switched up my lane to fuck with this fame
I know I talk like a pimp so I bought me some bracelets, I fucked with some rings
I got some aim and I’m full of anger, Know why I’ll fuck up a range
Been a lil’ minute but still ain’t a stranger, pick up that .40 and bang

Trenches with killers had sense and we still went insane, I bet they remember my name
Beat prison systems, my youngin’ ain’t see me in chains, I put my lil’ nigga in chains
Got through adversity, teach him ’bout racism, that ain’t my lil’ nigga name
Know everyday I wake, that its a new level, that’s how I get through the game