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G Herbo – Turning 25 Lyrics

G Herbo Turning 25 Lyrics, Turning 25 Lyrics by G Herbo


Its G Herbo
I’m in New York right now man
My birthday at midnight
Nigga about to be 25
Shit really feel like a century
It’s just a quarter century
This a little freestyle though I’m about to just-
Just before I get up outta here

Now a nigga rich
All the fans see a nigga lit (You know that)
Remember days I was finna quit
Lonely nights on the sip (On the sip)
War time hopping in the whip
On the block with it on my hip (Got it)
Can’t lie I wasn’t innocent (I wasn’t innocent)
No I can’t lie I wasn’t innocent
Made it far I stayed listening
Lil nigga with discipline
Them bullets went whistling
You gotta know how them trenches get
This bitch got a big old 50 clip

Mask and I got my pistol gripped
Yeah I still pop out dolo
Cause niggas be on pussy shit
Might be kids on the hit
Grow up they key witnesses
Ain’t supposed to be no witnesses
But we ain’t harming no women, kids
Unless them hoes with the shit
Ain’t say we won’t kill a bitch
Snub seven give them six
Just 11 in this sig
And Ima do my shit with it
Way before G Herbo it was Herbie G (Aye)
Before the Glock’s the pro mags had 33
Before the drip the blockheads had dirty sneaks (Essex)
Before the grave the main opps had surgery (Pussies)
Before the streets love me say they can’t wait to murder me (They can’t wait to murder me)
But ain’t no fucking murkin me
We give out first degree

My first video on the 8 was with Merk Star TV
We was dropping shit back to back
All in that black minivan that was max
Ain’t in that V no more got a Lac
Glizzy I got on my lap bout a rack
Still will go back like I live in the Raq
Fans gon rewind what they hear my raps
I’d rather die before I chill with that rat
Really was in it and they knowing that (Fuck nigga)
Free Oowop and Sinny they ain’t going back
Wish I could pour some more 4’s back
Wish I could bring all my bros back
Wish I was in that old trap (Up top)
Me and Cap dozing off in the back
Wish I could trade this all back
What the fuck kinda offer is that

Having fun in the sun
But I can’t stay in the rain
Son don’t pick up that gun
If you can’t stand the flame
Way before this fame shit
I already had a name
We was yelling gang shit
Way before you had a gang
MLK I had a dream
I almost fed my game
Realized when I woke up
I already fed my gang
Boy I ain’t got shit to prove
I already did my thing
When they come around I remember
I can’t blend with lames

Real rap
That’s no bap
Live in the factory
I’m in here with my niggas
It’s gon stay that way