Giggs – Debonair Lyrics

Giggs Now Or Never Mixtape

Giggs – Now Or Never Mixtape

Giggs Debonair Lyrics


Wild bredda, hating on a
Real nigga ’cause he sounds better
Big jacket through the foul weather
Yeah, Big Hollow and its now or never
Fuck it, rope for your necks
Smoke for your, smoke for your chefs
You’re just visiting, toast to your guests
I just gotta hope for the best
Living, live a little

Got the stripper in the house, she wanna strip a little
Ain’t seen that batty in a while and I miss the jiggle
Mister Giggler, she call me Mister Giggles
Mister Giggles, we broke up, no hype I kept it civil
Yeah, she thinks she’s so smart
Ask a question, expect a riddle
Fuck it, I’m out for the gold
Out with the new, stick with the old
These bitches, they say they love you
Onto the next one, they countlessly cold
Mouth full of scold, ’cause they burnt you
They out for your soul

On the naughty list, Christmas a house full of coal
Ain’t taking bets except their betting
If I tell them Kweff, I bet they get it
Real niggas respect the set up
Real niggas respect the setting
Yeah, straight another level

One bit of weakness then there’s another devil
Hollows on his street shit but yet its nothing special
We used to bang it out, ain’t leavin’ nuttin settled
They shouldn’t question me but they question
Companies invest in me, they’re investing
Niggas want me feeling like
This ain’t my destiny but I’m destined
Yeah, big bag of reddies, got that big, big bag already
How you big and bad when I’m hollow and I’m big, bad and heavy
Just let me breathe, my big heart upsets my sleeve
(Yeah) So many dead rappers, please, just let me grieve
My mind is deep, my heart is deeper
So I party, I’m the party keeper
My greezy sis, used to park my heater
But to my kids that’s just aunty Keisha
Sit down and think

Light a zoobie up, get down the drink
So many fake niggas down the drain
Washed up straight down the sink
Dirty, low down and stink
This my therapy, flow sounding shrink
Getting money ’cause I was low down and skint
Might swag my jumper, throw down in pink
Running up the stairs, I’m already there
Check me out, feel it in the air and I’m debonair
And I’m never scared and I’ve never cared
Haha, yeah

Written by; Giggs
Released date; 6 November, 2020