Giggs ft. Dave – Straight Murder Lyrics

Giggs Now Or Never Mixtape

Giggs – Now Or Never Mixtape

Giggs Straight Murder Lyrics

Yeah, taking orders
I know about taking orders
I dunno about taking orders
My young G play in academy, great performance
He’ll do it like Trent in Kent
If them man lack, then we taking corners
You know?

Free my niggas, I miss my niggas, it’s killing me slow
She wants dinner and goals, but that’s all long like Trinity Road
Sweet like cinnamon roll, skin tone glittery gold
Bro, I’ve been lit from college, it’s common knowledge, didn’t you know?
I like Disaronno, but if not, I fuck with Henny
No mixer or juice, I’m Papoose stuck with Remy
On the day of the party man got beats like Uncle Temi
Mice, talking heavy, I’ll do my man like George and Lennie
My old ting doing up lonely, Freds, ah fuck, you must be kidding?
Last week came for dicking, it’s a crazy world we live
Girls say I’m a gigolo, no Piccolo, get shaved like Krillin
My life a movie, it’s thrilling, Tom Hardy, I play the villain
Half the ends is real and the other half is phoney
They see a Lambo’ in Vale, they don’t know if it’s me or Pastor Tobi
If my girl knew how many times I’ve turned that down and passed to brodie
I mean holy moly

Look, I know he seems active from far but I know my man and he’s far from active
120K in the south of France and a Harley snapped it
I ain’t got to plan no party, party banged and we hardly planned it
Ratchet girl, rent her in the centre like parking campus
I took my one Casa would of be Nob but I’m done with Asian
Homebody amazing, from high school my girl she done raving
A rapid payment the only G on the cheque I’m taking
Told bro that the ends it’s flaming
‘Cause I just seen feds in a Volvo
Two jakes and in an interceptor
That girl don’t know about realness, no illness, I’m an influencer
Santan, that’s S W and I got one six in my name like Kenza
How my man say he’s a member and ain’t been in since early November?
Fuck that guy and his agenda, remember I’m trying a ting
Shotgun barrell, Siamese twins, and we got that link from the Guaynese twins
I ain’t got time for talking shit or calling quits
Touch Juss, man turn nutter and make ting stutter like an awkward chick
My young gunner wanna out that white
Are you about that life?
I got my hands on her inner thigh, she got hands in my Calvin Klein
Free yard, Aggro Santos, take pant off and the house is mine
I was a neek around that time until I went upsey and I found my spine
I said, “Babe if you wanna be mine, gotta hold it down like Bonnie and Clyde”
Acting crazy, me and bro-bro just took a loss but we share that pain like Max and Stacey
I’m top styler got Naila, I’m like AJ Tracey
Talking don’t faze me

Ah, yeah
Ruthless, loose group, that’s when I knock on useless
Stupid dudes too, I’ve had enough excuses
You, Mickey Mouse, done a duck and goofeys
Man’s Charlie Brown and I’m up in Snoopy’s
A bit more patience
Want them acres, a bit more spacious
I told that bitch, “A bit more gracious”
She licked my face, said, “Giggs the tastiest”
Crazy sickness
Yogi Bear, picnic basket, rage at picnics
Yeah, bitch on the carpet, knickers and bra, made my dick drip
Yeah, nigga’s a star, you know how we are, afraid of syphilis
Shit’s Imperial
She wants gourmet breakfast
Bitch, go make cereal
All day flexing, chick name Muriel
Wants Balmain dresses, loves silk material

Pack just landed, big standoff, MAC got brandished
Man best sit down, sat then landed
Private, talking bread, that’s that language
Greazy, abuse that area
Fuck bad news, quick, shoot that bearer
Yeah, think it’s sweet, oh, new madeira
Yeah, Black Panther, I’m too Bagheera
Top striker, shoot like Shearer
So disgusting, remove bacteria
Sexy bitch, oh, who’s that, Sarah?
Sexy nurse outfit, ’cause she’s my carer
I got the picture, look at the painting
Somebody take that brush, somebody paint him
Somebody wake him up, yeah, Hollow been waiting
Somebody said that’s whack, somebody hating

It’s flips and pages, it’s just a phase
You know recent phases
History made, let’s split these wages
It’s okay, it’s Giggs and David

Written by; Giggs
Released date; 6 November, 2020