Giggs – Man Are Outside Lyrics

Giggs Now Or Never Mixtape

Giggs – Now Or Never Mixtape

Giggs Man Are Outside Lyrics

Big bad, Hollowman’s the boss
Yeah, that’s the status
Yeah, packs of flavours
Jeans, hoodies, hats and trainers
Life’s a gamble, back to Vegas
Run them numbers up, back to pages
Yeah, straight Ninetendos, old SNES, back to Segas
Yeah, big Bob Marley spliff packed, that’s the Wailers
Yeah, Hollow in the whip, yeah, that’s the playlist
Yeah, coming for that cash, yeah, that’s the bailiffs
Make them jump, baby, that’s Kris Kross
Bitch on my dick, lips on my dick, maybe that’s lipgloss
Getting those chips, cook up those chips, ritting that chip shop
All of those hits, Hollowman Giggs, baby, that’s hip-hop
Step, looking tip top
Back up a keeper
Thinking it’s cups of tea, man just smashed up a tea cup
Yeah, MAC in a rucksack, rah rah rah rah slap up a neek, uh
Got rid of Alisha, I’m back with Annika
Ooh, getting crazier
H here with madman, wavy and wavier
Yeah, H, I’m a badman, yeah, audio savior
You know when I got that, I walk kinda lazier
Think you’re the craziest, done kinda brazier
Think you’re the X-Men, forcing Xavier
Think you’re the next gen, I got sauce and I’m gravier
Soldiers on hundred, I just walked in Arcadia
Man ain’t got time
Matics and rifles, and they’re all mine
Spinners on deck and their all live
Man are upset, so man are outside
Man are outside
All of these soldiers and there my guys
All of these mobsters, yeah, Hollow got ties
Shouldn’t have crossed them and now we’re outside

Written by; Giggs
Released date; 6 November, 2020