Grayscale – Live Again Lyrics

Grayscale Live Again Lyrics, Live Again Lyrics by Grayscale

Broke down in the waiting room
It’s been 30 days since I’ve talked to you
Dying, frozen while I’m watching you through your breathing tube, and it’s only bad news
I’m somewhere on 10th and Spruce, getting city air, need to walk a few
With a full moon and a shitty mood it starts sinking in that you’re leaving soon

Saints all around you
Trading in back rooms
Dealing in blood and lies to save you now
Still I pray you…

Stick around
Breathing in,
Let me drown so you can swim again
Pull you out
Let me in
Take my heart so we can live again

Tell me
Why’s god got it out for you?
Is he bored up there? Is his ego bruised?
No way I’ll be leaving you until we laugh again like we used to do
I’ll stay here until you make it through, and there’s no findoutlyrics nights in this ICU
Give me the suffering, shuddering, thundering pain
Take my vision, love, lungs away
Tell me
How long until the bitter end? Until he takes you home? Until he walks you in?
Praying those eyes open again
Screaming “take me now, let me die instead”

In all the stars you break like sugar dust
Are you lost?
And what’s it like on the other side of us?
Is it dark?

I’m living again
(And we’ll start to live again, like meteors shimmering)
I’ll be here waiting
(I will be here waiting)
Until you’re back to me again
Run back to me again
I will be here waiting

Carolina Skies
Take me back to our first time
Fall into your dark eyes
Wallpaper, call your house line
(Like I…)

Sneak you out of your parent’s house
Clothes falling like petals to the ground
You were my morphine dripping playground
(Like, I…)

I want to wake up with you, and I
You said that you’re sleeping in all the time
I want to wake up with you and I
(Like I…)

I’ll never be your
First dance
Last love
I’ll never be your
Soft kiss
Goodbye, no more Carolina skies

Springtime in the moonlight
Under streetlights, riding our bikes
Remember back when we used to get high sometimes?
Humming Stevie, Prince, Whitney in my mind
In your neighborhood waiting outside
We were in it so deep at the time
(Like, I…)

I want to wake up with you, and I
You’re killing me softly with those eyes
I want to wake up with you and I
(Like I…)

I want to wake up with you, and I
I wish we could live here all the time
I want to wake up with you and I
(Like I…)

No more Carolina skies