Headie One – TRIPLE THREAT Lyrics

Headie One TRIPLE THREAT Lyrics (feat. Clavish), K Trap TRIPLE THREAT Lyrics

(Likkle Dotz)

She asks me why am I stressing
I’m tryna get some of my opps addresses
I’m really off-white plus look in closet and see I got lots of x’s
I send out lots of texts
If you see a blooded Rambo and it’s not mine its probably S’s
Treys and Glocks is what I invest in
Yeah, I’ve been giving her pipe
But I don’t mind if she tells her friends we’re bestie’s
Yeah I bought her the shoes she ain’t got Instagram n she’s more than sexy
My rap career is promising but I still gotta leave that stretching
I’m still tryna leave that trending
Go put that on a diamond pendant
I’ve got five years on me, times two get caught might give me a ten
I got number six on stand-by but I’d rather give it to ten
I poked up ****, he was hitting a shot if I see I’ll ching him again
If you hear my rap ’bout GLE just know I ain’t whipping a Benz
Most of my friends are drillers and trappers, I ain’t with all the chatting
Phone clash like do me a favour, clap him, make sure he’s not standing
Spa day with a booter, just done a booting but health is wealth
I just ran out of credit, but the food that I got is gonna sell itself

I just get in the booth, tell ’em the truth
Rolls Royce Dawn, tek off the roof
This bad B thick and melanin too
Always tryna tell me take off my pooh
Six quid just to get me a boot, don’t piss me off I’ll just get me a broom
Then go Hattons let me link Housh, like bro when you setting the jewels?
All of these karats, it got me looking like the Christmas lights at Harrods
All of these handtings, I might need a bag of sweets like tangfantastics
The fans want me providing bangers, opps want me providing badness
Even though I went platinum, I might still try to give them both
Feds still want me in HMP, why they still want to feed man oats?
I was in the bando battering fish, had this yardie ting tryna feed man goat
And I’m still the goat bro got a sentence and I still don’t vote
These twenty notes plastic, they still gone fold
These opps wanna pull up to the top of the hill again
I see bro drill at them could’ve been an M on the O like Gilligan
Come a long way from bitten wing
Done the wing pickyhead like Willian
Gotta thank God for rap, could’ve been me fulltime in the gym again

They no where the tugs stay
But they don’t wanna go down there like the bus lane
Mash four,a I’m a skengman, I do it the four door truck way
No bow and arrow, just zombie killers or smoking barrels
I see what he’s saying on TV, I see him and change the channel
This year spent a day date forty on trainers, ask for the players
Barrage of bullets now it’s all vacant, dots got new players
Back then I done with the handle wobbling, handle bruck
Ever had a GLE when it sprays, it sounds like a ‘Lambo truck
Cullingnan R with stars, feds wanna mark the car
If I see them man of course I’ll send it, I’ll never put it drafts
Shotgun in the bushes ever stepped out gotta wipe off mud and grass
Think we’re playing games there’s more than one in the car
Blast it made me blink don’t get dun tryna make it on madeyouthink
Bigger Cuban I’m changing links, can’t fund no bricks then I’m changing links
Each one teach one they’re taking tips
You ain’t on taking risks
If it goes well then we’re changing dings

(Likkle Dotz)

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Clavish, Irving Adjei, K-Trap
  • Released: 2023