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IDER shame Album Lyrics

IDER – shame Album Lyrics, Tracklist

IDER obsessed Lyrics, obsessed Lyrics by IDER

are you obsessed with me? do you get bored of me?
did i act crazy? is this a relationship?
could i cheat on you? could you cheat me too?
is this loyalty, what is loyalty?

will we have years to fill? will we have time to kill?
do you have secrets to spill? i have pain to heal
did you choose me? could you lose me?
are you obsessed with me? do i need you to be?

oh i know, i’m all coming out now
i’m unravelling myself, can’t take back what you’ve found
oh you see, this is the gemini in me
i’m so passionately upside down

i’m just too scared i’m too obsessed with you
i’ll lose my mind and throw it long for you
i hate the way i’m so impressed by you
next thing i know i’ll write a song for you
i’m just too scared i’m too obsessed
i’m just too scared i’m too obsessed with you

do i speak like you? do you want me to?
do you mind if i do? i’m in love with you
did you love her more? am i insecure?
or am i the one that you’ve been waiting for?

am i losing sight? did we have a fight?
are you still swiping right here i’ve lost my mind
do i really care? or is this my pride?
am i dealing with something else deep inside?

oh it’s true, i’m all over the place
over thinking every single look on your face
oh i wish i could stop with my questions
my fear of rejection oh

Written by; IDER
Album/EP; shame