Imagine Dragons – LOOM Album Lyrics

Imagine Dragons LOOM Album Lyrics

LOOM is the sixth studio album by American pop-rock band Imagine Dragons, released through Kidinakorner and Interscope Records on June 28, 2024.

The standard version of the record will consist of nine tracks, their least to date. Produced by the band and longtime collaborators Mattman & Robin, it follows their two-part studio album Mercury – Acts 1 & 2 (2022).

In an interview with the Associated Press, lead singer Dan Reynolds described the creative process behind the album and its cover:

“You can’t really tell if it’s a sunset or a sunrise, and then there are two people kind of separated standing in front of it. That really kind of sums it up thematically when I listen to it. Is the beginning of something new, or is this the end of something? And the sunset and the sunrise always kind of feel that way to me. It could be either/or.”

Imagine Dragons LOOM Tracklist:

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  2. Imagine Dragons – Nice to Meet You Lyrics
  3. Imagine Dragons – Eyes Closed Lyrics
  4. Imagine Dragons – Take Me to the Beach Lyrics
  5. Imagine Dragons – In Your Corner Lyrics
  6. Imagine Dragons – Gods Don’t Pray Lyrics
  7. Imagine Dragons – Don’t Forget Me Lyrics
  8. Imagine Dragons – Kid Lyrics
  9. Imagine Dragons – Fire in These Hills Lyrics
  10. Imagine Dragons – Eyes Closed Lyrics (feat. J Balvin)
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  • Written by: Imagine Dragons
  • Album: LOOM
  • Released: 2024