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Injury Reserve – Outside Lyrics

Injury Reserve Outside Lyrics, Outside Lyrics by Injury Reserve

I make my presence felt
A OG once told me, tie a rope around his neck
‘Cause you gotta give people enough room to hang themself
I had to learn to feed myself
Is it wealth or health?
Cause for wealth, you’re gonna lose your house
Smack, I had the 40 on my belt
Blow your brains on your body
(Fuck that mean?)
Maybe you should think for yourself

Let me talk to ’em
I been
I been talking to ’em kindly
Walk with it, walk with it, yeah (It’s me)
(Talk to ’em)
Walk with it, walk with it, yeah yeah yeah
(Don’t let these niggas backpedal)
Oh, yeah yeah yeah
I been, talk to ’em kindly, walk, walk, w-walking with it probably
I came in a little too sharp, oh you ain’t like that
You ain’t like it when I come in all wildly, yeah
Let me, let me tell you somethin’
I been talkin’ to ’em kindly cause they wanna toot each others’ horns
Pat each other’s backs for anything that comment, even slightly
Oh you wanna be in the middle? Huh?
You wanna see what we have in common?
Yeah, take a seat, seat right across from me, don’t sit behind him
So you can just, you can just stalk on him probably listen
Let’s cut all that bullshit
What’s the elephant in the room, let’s talk to him, c’mon
Let’s talk to him, don’t hide it, yeah
When I walk in circles
You thought it was gonna be a walk in the park with it probably
But are you, you walk in the park
I woulda with all that, shoulda-coulda-woulda
I’m in your neck of the woods with dogs ready to bark on ’em probably
Tryna big-dog me? You can’t lil-bro me?
Like I’m 34 miles from Raleigh
The r-slash got the white boys talking all wildly
It’s about to get ’em, get to caulking on them
All the white noise you talkin’
You gonna have to [?]
Macaulay Culkin
You better step a caution around and get out the yellow tape
You get ready to talking it out loud
Cause they probs wanna start stalking on Raleigh
Tip-toe, tip-toe, bout to stalk home Riley
Talking to ’em prolly

As we walk
As we walk through this valley of death
Listen, please listen, listen, listen
Don’t have too many conversations
You don’t wanna have too many conversations
But let’s put everything on the table, let’s put everything
We ain’t gonna bounce around it
Nah, we ain’t gonna bounce around shit
Got my skeletons, you’ve got yours
But let’s be honest here, this-this don’t end with agree to disagree, it ain’t possible
There’s just some things
There’s just some things that ain’t right
We’ve gotta be honest with ourselves
Now I know, I-I know, I know you know, I know, I know
And if you don’t, then there’s something wrong, up here in your noggin
In your noggin
We cannot end this with an agree to disagree, there is no happy medium
That is nothing, that is nothing
Yeah, yeah