J Hus – Bim Bim Lyrics

J Hus Bim Bim Lyrics

Bim, bim, bim, big Mbembe
Bim, bim, bim, big Mbembe
Bim, bim, bim, big Mbembe
Bim, bim, bim, big Mbembe

I let the bonsam lick you
He weren’t the same when I saw him again, he’s a real shapeshifter
Use to pray facing Qibla
I just chill in my sector, you know I’m Hannibal Lecter
Put that boy in his pampers, us man, we’re not rampers
Post outside, we’re campers, come to your Uni campus
Splash him, John the Baptist, I don’t need no accomplice
Maybe only a driver, turn that man to a diver
That day it was raining, put on the windscreen wiper
Us man dumped on him last time, this one’s just a reminder
You think I’m only a rhymer? Say no more, that’s minor
I go drill him like a miner
I know one gyal that’ll eat me up like black widow spider
She using bare saliva
I let the blazer fry him
That day the sun was out, had the neighbours spying
I wanna bang the iron, let them know who I am

Bim, bim, bim, big Mbembe
Bim, bim, bim, big Mbembe

Please don’t blow my cover, he don’t know me proper
He don’t know me enough
I’ve been calling your bluff
I swear, you’re pissing me off
If I start rinsing it off, all them man get washed
Watch his life get lost, duppy is a must
Bonsam must get bust, had them kicking dust
Kicking rocks, put them in a box
Pull up in a truck, splash them and pronto
Don’t make me lose control
I ain’t come to speak, I never come to have a convo
Save it for the next life
Dump on him, like an ex wife
Aiming with my right eye, close up my left eye, then hold up my head high
Make him sleep for eternity, turn him all burgundy
My bredrin is worse than me
Send him a message, but I ain’t talkin’ verbally
You see my work ethic? I should really make you work for me
Jump out, clap it
Send the fire rapid, let them all ‘av it
You ain’t poppin’ in these streets, you’re mediocre, average

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Fumes, J Hus, The Elements
  • Album: Beautiful and Brutal Yard
  • Released: 2023