Jack Harlow – Questions Lyrics

Jack Harlow Questions Lyrics

Yo, turn my voice up
Right here?

Why I treat my brother like he ain’t my only brother?
Why I gotta treat my manager like I’m above her?
Why I gotta get so intimate with my lovers?
Why I gotta cheat and make her question if I love her?
Why am I so fly? why am I so skeptical? And, god
Why do I pretend like I didn’t see it when I saw it?
Why am I so bold and double back when I’ve been caught?
Why am I not the superhero I thought?
Or is it perfect ’cause of these diamonds I bought?
When did I become this type of a guy?
When did the text you send me stopped getting replies?
What if things don’t turn out how I planned them?
I wanna be more than just a random
What if all these people in my life go Danny Phantom?
I’m sick of Don Earl, I wanna throw tantrums
I’m sick of these little raps, I wanna make anthems, you feel me?
It’s either yours or my schedule
You both can’t be the man and I keep on the rap
She told her mom it’s for my brand, I hope she understands it
What if I don’t meet the expectations? What if I don’t reach my destination?
What if I don’t live up to the hype despite all my dedication?
Why do you think I’m scared to take vacations?
What am I supposed to do?
Assume her accusations aren’t true because I’m close to you?
Who should I believe? Is it her? Just because it happens so commonly
The mess has never hurt your boy, rappers so honestly
What makes you think I’d rather have backpackers applauding me?
Why do I feel I need approval from all my skeptics when I fill arenas up with a passion and following when that’s actually all I need?
What if they stop caring about me? What if they stop swearing about me? What if they stop writing for me how they used to do before I was in front everybody?
What if they went and found some new kid with that got an airy bottom?
How many people in this town follow my whereabouts?
What would I say with the barrel aimed at me, staring down?
I rep the state but do they care about me in Barry county?

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Jack Harlow, Shy!!!
  • Album: Jackman
  • Released: 2023