Jenevieve – Blameless Lyrics

Jenevieve Blameless Lyrics, Blameless Lyrics by Jenevieve

All I feel is all alone
I need someone to confess to
Baby call me on my phone

All this shit’s so insane
Soulless souls all around me
It’s so hard to maintain

Fifth dimension
Getting all tied up over mentions
And I don’t know why I get defensive
So defensive
Spending all my time like it’s nothing
And I don’t know why it’s so offensive

Do you?
Do you?
Don’t know why
Listen to your heart now baby

You should treat her like you would your daughter
Have you ever loved someone?
Who put you down and made you feel like you’re not enough?
Dear God let it go
Can you take me to church before you take me to work?
They don’t make you like they used to
They don’t make you like they used to

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