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Jeremy Zucker CRUSHER Lyrics, CRUSHER Lyrics by Jeremy Zucker

Today, Platinum-Certified singer, songwriter, and producer Jeremy Zucker officially announce his highly anticipated sophomore album, CRUSHER, which will be released on October 1 via Republic Records/Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company.

In Jeremy’s words, “‘CRUSHER’ is as much a departure as it is an arrival. ‘love is not dying’, thematically, was a doomed love letter. A desperate plea for compassion and understanding in the face of destruction. Making music during a pandemic is a difficult task enough, but ‘love is not dying’ felt like a pretty impossible project to follow up.

One ‘pandemic’-inspired song felt like enough, and not much was going on in my life, at all. The well was dry, so to speak. I was slow to realize that the person I wrote ‘love is not dying’ to (not for), actually hadn’t acknowledged any of it. During this time, a lot of things came to light…”

Jeremy Zucker CRUSHER Tracklist;

  1. Jeremy Zucker – i-70 Lyrics
  2. Jeremy Zucker – Deep end Lyrics
  3. Jeremy Zucker – Cry with you Lyrics
  4. Jeremy Zucker – I can’t look at you Lyrics
  5. Jeremy Zucker – When i’m around Lyrics
  6. Jeremy Zucker – Therapist Lyrics
  7. Jeremy Zucker – Sex & cigarettes Lyrics
  8. Jeremy Zucker – HONEST Lyrics
  9. Jeremy Zucker – 18 Lyrics
  10. Jeremy Zucker – Sociopath Lyrics ft. keshi
  11. Jeremy Zucker – Don’t come over, i’m an asshole Lyrics
  12. Jeremy Zucker – No one hates you (like i do) Lyrics

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