JID – 30 (Freestyle) Lyrics

JID 30 Freestyle Lyrics, JID 30 Lyrics

Let’s just be quiet one second, please
This is rappin’, dawg, like—
Everything real vanilla—
Everything movin’ real vanilla right now, we just— (Look)
How ever long I write this—
This what we gon’ call it— (Dawg)
Look at me, uh (Look)

N****s know I ain’t the one to sleep on
I’m under pressure, gotta sleep with the heat
An extra clip beside the dresser like I’m Pac
Paranoid n****s puffin’ pot
Puffin’ it out your chest, boy (Hmh)
Stop, we ain’t stupid, we ain’t stuntin’ you or nothin’ you doin’
I’m the intruder, the pursuer, the persuader, the shooter
I display a wide ‘ray of different styles
My latest, nun’ greater
I graduated from furious mad now I’m just aggravated
Say congratulations everybody I can activate
Imagine if they had first let Barry Bonds from out the battin’ cages
Pre-performance enhancing behavior ’round my accolades
Run my bath and rub my back, baby, they been sack-chasing
If all these rats racin’, I’m comin’ in last place
Snakes in the grass, I haul ass at a fast pace
Offense, autographed the ball, I pass great
I’m an athlete, turn your favorite rapper to the ashes in an ashtray
Look, shit, ask Trey, ask Slewy, ask Izzy, ask Squig, and ask Dre
Ask around the A, ask the master on the plantation and ask the magistrate
Who the biggest, baddest in the land?
Is about to masturbate with both hands? Smack it across your face
Drop a tape before the album, most of you lost taste
But I’m sniffin’ like a hound for a scent of the lost greats
Trying to figure out if I’m really him or a fraud, fake
He gon’ find a way either in the game or God’s gates
Put your guard up or pick your rod up, it’s time to play
Hit your squad up, we beat you all up and take your ball, bruh
All tough behind the screen but softer than my broad butt
Raw, uncut, behind the scene
I’m all the things I say, I mean, and all the things I mean, I say, respond to beef, s’il vous plait
Shifu, I’m the master, I’m the dragon and the teacher and I carry Christ passion, let it
Blast through the speakers, let my black ass show when I’m on the stage
Droppin’ Ether, I’m very unethical when it comes to public speakin’
I probably been smokin’ and drinkin’, saying what the f**k I been thinkin’
Oh, Jesus, they just let him off the leash and now he aimin’ for your head
Put the old people, children, and women to bed
Heard JID walkin’ ’round with the infrared
Bruh done went off the edge
Don’t be scared, we could save ’em and talk him back off the ledge
If it’s beef, eating flesh, he turn into a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Give a f**k about who you said was up next and up now
I’m on the outside looking into the crowd like a sniper shooting bugs off your windshield wiper
My rhyme cypher like a brrt-a, fully loaded rifle, n****
F**king hate it, love it, I like it, I’m still like that

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: JID
  • Album: 30 (Freestyle)
  • Released: 2024