Jon Batiste – Life Lesson Lyrics

Jon Batiste Life Lesson Lyrics (feat. Lana Del Rey)

Never second guess yourself
Cuz we were falling darling from the start
Always listen to your heart
Cuz we were falling from the start
You’re happy until you’re now
You’re icy until you’re hot
I read an article about a star who said standing
In the shadow of her husband felt so dark

Reminded me of you and I because
That’s very much the way our story was
Because my biggest blessing my biggest blessing
He got so mad that in a flash in just one second
I became his life lesson, I’m his life lesson now

Going through the world alone
Here til I right my wrongs

Shadow until the light
From the start it was all and all
Fears of a place and time
And the space was made and stakes were laid
Say it again, I pray

What’s your name i said as she came down
With auburn hair her dress was long
She’s not your type it made me smile
She’s as sunny as the dawn
Get gone
Get gone
Get gone
She rocks a little red car like me man she belongs
She wears her hair like mine with a part in the middle
And I think its cute
She could be the one to take my place
She was my biggest blessing
She was my biggest blessing
I hope it’s cold where you reside
You wake up late at night
And I would reckon
What you’d been guessing
Uh huhh
I’m your life lesson

Ooohhh oohhh oohhh ohhhh
Whoa ohhh oohhh ohhhh
Oohhh oohhhh ohhhh ohhh

You were my biggest blessing
You were my biggest blessing

It’s like a dream you know what I mean
Things were peachy keen
This very second
And I would reckon
Now you know

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Jon Batiste, Lana Del Rey
  • Album: World Music Radio
  • Released: 2023