All of my music is mission impossible
I made the Normies belive in a vet
Crackers be thinking lines deplorable
~ they just be mad cuz I aim for they neck
~ They just be cuz my still get respect
Even when I got my got my foot on they wait ~ Bars
feel like I’m rading they room Crackers be yelling out mtv next rip a deal
Settled for less
You can tell Craig
I doubled it back
Working is hard
It’s easy To hate Twerking for stars
& Scraping the plate I get it
But homie I can’t relate These off ass beats Got me blue in face Rip DOOM
Thru the villain I’m raised
Giving the beats to ***** and cases only
You not gon rattle this N****
young peg in the clutch turn to Damian llilard I made it out poverty richer
You heard one of my signs and triggered
We ain’t got the same issues
The text green?
Are you jealous or mental ?
So unoriginal you gon have to akwafina That accent if you wanna trend
All of my hate coke from weak ass men With they weak ass hoes
And they woke ass friends I come with the truth
I make em go bitch
I’m baiting these incels
To meet with the clipse

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