JPEGMAFIA – Hazard Duty Pay! Lyrics

JPEGMAFIA Hazard Duty Pay Lyrics

You think you know me
In the morning
There’s a fear of nightfall
When darkness comes and covers all
Sometimes we feel pain, ay
Sometimes we feel pain, ay

Uh, if he fall on that flow let ’em go, gone
Niggas ain’t built for this page in my art
All this Champagne put a stain on my heart
Don’t pick him up, he ain’t built for this part
If you wasn’t here for them lows, walk
Blick on my hip and I’m dressed like a God
Labels like critics just choosing to talk
I take a shot and like Moses they part
Man, I can’t tell what you mean (Huh)
Why does your black feel like business to me?
Industry lies never line up on screen (Facts)
Peggy keep scoring, I feel like The Dream
Yeah, what you want, uh
Y’all love the fake, I’ve been real from the start
Never hesitate to shoot at a star
Stocked up on weapons and pussy and cars
Just thought you should know
Look at this lane that I made, it was vacant
These veggie grill niggas don’t really want beef
Real niggas die and then fakers replace ’em
Now I see my DNA all in y’all beats
Talk, niggas just rap, don’t back up what they talk
Play for me, got so much smoke in my heart
Rap like I’m gifted and grew up on God, yeah
Shorty want dick (What?), money, and leverage
One out of three, feel like three when I’m in it (Skrrt)
Peggy the GOAT, more like the feds
As soon as you see me you know that it’s finished
And, how can you tell that he’s winnin’ (How?)
Floated right through the pandemic, no limits
Stunted creatively, don’t got a vision
I die for my pride, you be hiding in gimmicks
Glock with a switch turn a vegan to spinach (Brr)
PM-50, we ain’t beefin’, you dinner
Turn a “I’ll do it” right into “Who did it?”
Some you can’t speak, you should just buy a ticket
Choke ’em to death with that smoke for this fire
Giving these alt niggas hope when I die
Call up my mama then hang up the line (Bitch)
Money got me feelin’ wet like I’m Thai
Hard, when I go out tell ’em Peggy ain’t give up, he fought
Fuck ’em!

Sometimes we feel pain, ay (Huh, dirty)
Sometimes we feel pain, feel pain
We can change, just we feel pain, ay
Sometimes we feel pain, the day, ay
Sometimes we feel pain, ay, ay, ay