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Juice WRLD – Juice WRLD Speaks Lyrics

Juice WRLD Juice WRLD Speaks Lyrics

I never really had nothing to hide like it was never really no filter in my head
Like, would it be not cool to talk about your emotions?
You know, it was never not in my conscience in my head to tell me not to do that
Going through something, music not only is something that kind of helps the situation pass
I also make music talking about certain subjects
Because I know that I’m not the only one going through, you know, what’s happening
Me talking about certain things could help somebody else do what they’re going through
As well as me trying to figure out myself

You were telling me little bit about you know just how you struggle with anxiety over the years
Do you feel you could touch on that little bit in this album?
Yeah I do touch on that, I do
Umm, that’s something I feel like a lot of people neglect
Which is completely, utterly wrong
And me speaking from an African American man
I know that this stuff is neglected in our community
You know you tell your mom, your dad, your auntie, or whoever that you feel
Like you got anxiety, you feel like you got depression, you feel like you got ADD whatever
They looking at you like you crazy
Boy you don’t got that get out of here like, are you going to tell me how I don’t got somethin’?
You know, that’s not how it should be but that’s how it is and that needs to change
And hopefully I’m one of those people that could bring that change
Or at least start a chain reaction for somebody else to come and do it after me