Ken Carson – Freestyle 2 Lyrics

Ken Carson Freestyle 2 Lyrics

Uh, I put that hoe in Prada and after I made her holla
And my bro took off yo mans I heard that was yo top shotta
I got Vetements on my pants and my shirt Balenciaga
My swag came a long way, I was rockin Nada
I don’t give a fuck bout’ what a hoe say, these hoes not my prollem (problem)
Send a hunnid shots out that Rolls aye, them 762’s got em’
Them 762’s hit his body, made him Harlem shake
I get to that bag, to that cake, you procrastinated
Now she wanna fuck wit me now but she pulled up too late
When I send me boy a opp to drop, he be so fascinated
Fuck the D.A., they got no evidence, they close that case
If a n**** thinkin its shit sweet, he get shot in his face
I got Glock 19’s, ARP’s, I got hella K’s
I been servin codeine, to these fiends, yeah they sippin drank
5k a PT, whatchu mean? bitch that’s no debate
I been countin blues, countin green, like it’s Earth day
And that n**** think he me, but he not me, on my worst day
I just spent yo rent on my mothafuckin shirt
These n***** think we playn, hell nah, this ain’t nerf
Pull up to a n**** land, pull up to his turf
Pull up with that Mac-10, pull up go berserk
I been off that X again, I can feel it in my nerves
Now she wanna fuck wit Ken, that lil bitch getting curved
My lil bitch, she not a 10, she a 103rd
And I withdrawed , all the money that was at the bank, bitch that’s word
I got wockhardt in my system, that’s why my word slur
They was so surprised when they kilt him, but that was chirpin like a bird
N**** I’m the shit, like a turd
But my shit smell like cologne
I fuck her face yeah fuck her make up up, then I send that bitch home
You don’t wanna race yeah, this a SRT wit a red eye package on
You don’t want no smoke bitch, FN 57’s shoot a n**** in his dome
Hit that boy in his chest, hit his heart now it’s chrome
Huh, I told that pussy n**** yeah leave me alone
Huh huh, shouldn’t have fucked wit a member, huh
Ya shouldn’t have fucked wit the gang, huh
Ya shouldn’t fucked wit a X.M.A.N yeah
And all my n***** masked up yeah, yeah, yeah, just like Bane
And all my n**** in control of this shit yeah, like a game

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Arman Andican, Gabriel Rousseau, Kenyatta Frazier Jr., Richard Ortiz
  • Album: X
  • Released: 2022