Ken Carson – Gems Lyrics

Ken Carson Gems Lyrics

I was smoking on the spliff
I was fucking on a milf
I was pushing up on bitches
In the A
In the lyft
I was giving bitches dick
Yea they treat it like a gift
Cuz a bitch know she ain’t getting shit from me
I treat it like a myth

She put her knees where my feet at
And blew me like a blimp
I fuck that bitch
And I leave yeah
Can’t go out like no simp
Hell no
I can’t go out like him
Hell no
I can’t go out like them
Hell you talking bout n**** I got gems
I got diamonds on every limb

I got diamonds ya on every limb
I got more bracelets on than that boy got chains
I pulled up in a McCLaren then I lost the brain
I got these bitches staring
These n***** calling me lame
But that shit really be lame
When these n**** be hating

It be lame when I drop the blunt
It be lame when I spill my drink
It be lame when they doing too much
When I’m trying to withdraw out the bank
It be lame when 12 fucking with us
When I do what
I do everyday
Its fuck 12, and its fuck the police oh yea its fuck the Jakes

Free all of my n***** yea
Locked in the cage
X Man I’m a villain yea
I’m ready to rage
I hop on a plane
And hop off da plane
Then rock out the stage
rock a upside down cross every time I leave my bitch
She burning sage
I fuck my bitch with my chains on
She love how they clank
I told my bitch her pussy the bomb
Like Saddam Hussein
Let me pop this pill
Let me pearl this blunt
Let me pour me up some drink

I’m eating bad bitch pussy for lunch
My bitch look like Zendaya
Ain’t no more Teen X babe cuz I got them X babes ya
Triple x all she wanna do
Sex sex sex sex
All she wanna do is lay up

Balenciaga all over my
Chest chest chest chest
And my pants
They ravers

A n**** can’t say Ken Carson ain’t on shit
Look at the swag I gave up
Look at the shit I made up
Look at these n***** I raised up
Look at these bitches I slayed
Wait nah I don’t claim her
Disrespect this shit you gon die bout it
Pull up stolen whip yea we gone hop out it
He was stealing swag now he gotta die bout that
That AR-15 go rat tat tat tat
And its up for these n***** who screaming
(he’s not even Teen X fuck him)
Fuck yo gang bitch on God
X Man X X X Man Yuh!

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Gabriel Rousseau, Kenyatta Frazier Jr.
  • Album: X
  • Released: 2022