Keung To (姜濤) – 鏡中鏡 (Spiegel im Spiegel) Lyrics - Find Out Lyrics Keung To (姜濤) – 鏡中鏡 (Spiegel im Spiegel) Lyrics - Find Out Lyrics

Keung To (姜濤) – 鏡中鏡 (Spiegel im Spiegel) Lyrics

Keung To Spiegel im Spiegel Lyrics, Keung To 鏡中鏡 Lyrics, Keung To Spiegel im Spiegel Lyrics Romanized

誰攀高一級 再高一級
天天都追迫我 終於沾濕 汗毛

畀畀心 畀畀心 永不變的標誌
姜B 姜B 不想被稱得意
K-pop Canto-pop 這比較怎可以
不偏 不倚(走音)

便一伙共舞 盡做 大路
便生火獨舞 逐步 每步

以 一首歌曲 數百個字
賜我力量 用力訴
成名和寂寞 盡力訴
留言和辯論 落力訴(反攻)
台前和幕後 合力訴(反擊)
掃到那落葉落盡 尚在掃
來生 無業報

緊急出口 已看到
如何難逃 如何難逃
如何能逃 如何能逃
方知 我要折返童年時
追尋何時 欺凌何時

解開傷口 細意探視
領我頓悟 用力吐
懷疑和懦弱 盡力吐
靈魂和內臟 落力吐(分解)
童年和現在 合力吐(匯聚)
吐到那幻象幻滅 尚在吐
浸沒到 才知
根本 我是濤

誰 獨對鏡中空虛
誰 迷惑鏡映作祟
一鏡在前的 恐懼
一鏡後遺的 眼淚
雙鏡對疊 無限敵對 也是我自己

Keung To Spiegel im Spiegel Lyrics English Translation

Not breathing
Want to disappear
Hoarding grievances
Who climbs one level higher, another higher level
Chasing me every day, finally getting wet with my hair

畀畀心 畀畀心 A symbol of never changing
Jiang B, Jiang B, don’t want to be proud
K-pop Canto-pop How can this compare

How many Likes should be counted first
How much ridicule forced me to kneel
How much life and death make me cry
How many bitter smiles cover my depression
Let’s dance together and do our best
Solo dance, step by step, step by step

Take a song and hundreds of words
Give me the strength to tell
Fame and loneliness, try your best to tell
Messages and debates
Before the stage and behind the scenes
Sweep till the fallen leaves are gone, still sweeping
Keep sweeping
So white

Looks like a wired newspaper in the mirror (see through)
Fighting is still in vain (circle)
I see the blueprint of the soul (puzzle)
Emergency exit seen
How to escape how to escape
Fatigue on social platforms again
How to escape how to escape
I look back at the ten-year-old fat boy
Fangzhi, I’m going back to my childhood
When to seek and when to bully
Only found a key

Untie the wound and visit carefully
Bring me to an epiphany and vomit hard
Doubt and cowardice
Soul and internal organs
Childhood and present together (convergence)
I vomit until the phantom is gone, I’m still vomiting
Keep vomiting
Become a waterfall
I’m immersed to find out
Basically, I am Tao

Who alone is against the emptiness in the mirror
Who confuses the mirror
The fear in front of you
Tears left behind in a mirror
The double mirrors are infinitely hostile, and I am also myself