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Key Glock – Off The Porch Lyrics

Key Glock Off The Porch Lyrics
Key Glock – Off The Porch Lyrics

Off The Porch Lyrics by Key Glock

Yeah, yeah
Just let me take a little time
Let me medicate
Let me meditate
Let me take a little time
Let me medicate
And it’s on it’s way to the top
Step up, step, step up, step up
Step up, step, step up, step up
Well alright

Step up, step, step up, step up
Step up, step, step up, step up

Okay, let’s bring this shit back for the feeling
Women in love with me ’cause I be naturally buildin’
And given the circumstances of the world
That’s a breath of fresh air
So they say I be naturally healin’
And this winter ’18 was a different season
Used to do this for the money, I got different reasons
I’m just here to be a light for my brothers

‘Cause comin’ from the struggles
We ain’t never have shit to believe in
Wrote this at 5:30 in New Jersey
While everybody sleepin’
I’m dreamin’ of Willie Beamon
Doin’ it for the team and nothin’ could come in between it
Everything ain’t what it seem and you could get it if you need it
Uh, I can’t let shit get the best of me
Just get the bag and keep on workin’
That’s the recipe
My slime told me that when we were sippin’ Hennessy
And ever since, came up in this bitch with different energy
Uh, my last year bein’ broke
That’s word to Twelvyy, I was moved by that quote

My crib was unhealthy, I would move when a roach pop out
Now I tell Brodie let the ghosts pop out
Get inspired by my niggas
I never been a hater
Mad that I’m off the radar, they’ll surely be on it later
No favors, no favors
Spanish Chica, no papers
But wanna be a citizen in civilization
With a President that’s racist and he ain’t afraid to say it
Can’t even read the paper, man this shit is heartbreakin’
And they say I only rap about the pain that I came straight from
But when I step outside I feel like I just caught a stray one
Cash ruined everything around me

And that’s true
Talkin’ to my yout’ that always found me
With new shoes
Said he wanted to get some Jordans for his feet or
Like some of them new Adidas
Really just out here seekin’
Happiness in these sneakers
That’s really all we have
So when in high fashion, no, I’m really prolly sad
But I’ma get this bag, move my family out the country
Like how they booted my dad
With this pencil and this pad
I’ll get busy
Like how much do it take for you to get me?

Then we can start from scratch and make a track for the Hippies
Try to box me in, I promise you’ll never get me
Or trip me out of position
Quiet, I’d rather listen
Look, I used to be a contradiction
‘Til I bossed up, had to change my way of livin’
Change my way of thinkin’
Chill with all the Lean
Had to change my way of drinkin’
Now I got this shit jinkin’
Nigga step up
My nigga step up

Just had to take a little time
Let me medicate
Let me medicate
Had to take a little time just to meditate

So tonight for all you niggas that’s in here
Y’all livin’ better than y’all was last year because y’all were focused
You doin’ better than you was last year ’cause you were on your shit?
You the breadwinner for your motherfuckin’ family
You take care of your kids, your mama and everybody
‘Cause you motherfuckin’ focused
Niggas talkin’ about how you fell off when it’s all ’bout how you get back
You understand what I’m sayin’?
It’s church in these motherfuckin’ streets, nigga

Off The Porch

Written by; Key Glock
Released date; 6 January, 2021

Key Glock Off The Porch Lyrics