King Krule – Hamburgerphobia Lyrics

King Krule Hamburgerphobia Lyrics

They called a number
‘Round 10 to 8
Picked up a burger
I walked away
Sat in the park
And slowly ate
I think the birds want to murder me
Unearthly cursed disease – human race

Deep beneath the burger grease
They pecked my brain
But not much is in there
But nobody’s safe
Don’t think they care
About the state of your status
Or how many days on Earth you was paid
An yes I lay
The mildew soaked me through the sky
Let me know
I wasn’t the only one
Who felt this way


My lover turned to me
You don’t deserve to be deserving me
You’re just a waste of space
And yeah that’s harsh
But a valid thing to say
She kicked me out the car
To heavy traffic in my brain

And it rains and it pours
All over and over again
Not for the last
1095 days
I separate
I separate
I separate
I separate
I separate
Into the minutest miniscule gaps
Of time and space
Now put back together
All my memoirs were erased
Vanished forever
Our love is just a fugue state


    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Archy Marshall
  • Album: Space Heavy
  • Released: 2023