King Krule – Pink Shell Lyrics

King Krule Pink Shell Lyrics

I’ve had
Plenty of people in my peripheral
I’ve spent
Many moons, spilling my guts to many fools
And plead their lusting

All over the world
I’ve seen so many things
I have, been in your shell
I’m now your girlfriend

Oh, I’m slimy tonight
I have
I have
I have

But then she said to me?
You don’t mean nothing anymore

It’s been
A long, long time coming
Since I’ve seen, it’s golden
It’s golden
We’re golden
But only in the sun

The night breaks
You always put me to the test
To put me down
Let’s put it in the dirt for the weekend

For the weekend
I am waiting for someone
I have not seen them, anywhere
I have not seen

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Archy Marshall, Ignacio Salvadores
  • Album: Space Heavy
  • Released: 2023