Lil Kapow & XANAKIN SKYWOK – Gospel Lyrics

Lil Kapow Gospel Lyrics, Gospel Lyrics by Lil Kapow & XANAKIN SKYWOK

Pistol whip you two times ’cause I brought two sticks
I fucked her so good she thought that I had two dicks
I could violate you out in public, you won’t do shit
Bitch, you could see I’m rich by how I’m fuckin’ cruisin’

Pop five bars and I started speaking Hebrew
Fucked up pissin’ in the middle of casinos
Runnin’ from the cops, I hid my whip at the Sea World
Sunday masked, getting necked in the cathedral
Ooh, I’m back on my street shit
House cleaner up in this bitch how I sweep shit
Dance Dance Revolution on your face, now you’re leakin’
Sold him K2, now we’re geekin’, uh
I told him to lack
I’m fuckin’ his bitch in the front and the back
I’m runnin’ a train, I think that I can
Both thumbs in her ass then she takin’ a cab
If I didn’t hit you, I’m takin’ a lap
You was talkin’ that shit, now you takin’ it back
I just sold you some shit, now I’m takin’ it back
Keep suckin’ my dick or you gon’ make me mad
Ugly bastard, I get pussy, I’m poundin’
I just popped a perc, I’m tired of rappin’

Ayo Xanakin
Yo, Xanakin
Oh, it’s my turn

Your shooter, he cappin’
He livin’ it lavish
My troopers are savage
[?] takin’ Advil
You poppin’ them pills while you listen to sad shit
Most of these niggas don’t know how to gas shit
Her pussy [?]
I fuck on her [?]
[?] after I pass it to Fat Joe
Bitch, you don’t really want that hoe
I be the bars when I gospel
[?] he gettin’ head in the neck thot hoe
She be an eater, then she thought she got post
More like [?], fuckin’ her taco
I ain’t no medium, we smokin’ thrax and it’s premium
Like John Cena, not seein’ ’em
Choppas gon’ spray while I’m cleanin’ up
Bitches suck dick in the meeting room, ooh
Oh, it’s still my turn
[?], nigga, get the chop, he got fast roll
Body got more fuckin’ damage than a Glock does
I shoot bitches in they neck with my cock come
[?] then they top run
[?] on my dinner plate
I love the chops side more than a Tinder date
Nigga [?], suck my dick up for a feature, ayy
I’ma let [?] for a cheaper rate