Lil Tjay – Hood Rich Lyrics

Lil Tjay Destined 2 Win Album Lyrics

Lil Tjay – Destined 2 Win Album Lyrics

Hood Rich Lyrics by Lil Tjay

Go (Brr)
Can’t come (Gang, gang, gang)
Just got a new [?] (Huh)
Uh (Grr, grr)
(Yo, can you turn my voice up a lil’ bit?)
Uh, uh

[Verse 1]
Lot of new chops, so my shooters go dumb
Grew up on the block, you ain’t foldin’ no [?]
Mama always told me “Fight back, don’t run”
She won’t never try to have a pussy ass son
I was in the fields since a young ass age
Smart nigga, always had some decent lil’ grades
I grew up, no money, knew how to behave
But always had a dream I grew up and get paid

Pray to God, time go bye, shit change
Really used to jugg, I’m in the stu’, I switched lanes
Step everywhere with shooters, everyday they pullin’ pain
Remember lockdown, poppin’ bottles, gettin’ straight
The shit I been through everywhere with my gang
I know I’m goin’ up, but still humble where I remain
The lotta shit I did as a youngin I’m to blame

But I just feel the energy there’s waitin’, go insane
I be spittin’ from the heart off the top, like it’s easy
Just as when the block hot, pop, guess they need me
I be spittin’ fire every drop, it’s a PD
Still ride with chops for the opps, fuck the PD
[?] got me wasted, I just dropped with Weezy
I just wished that [?] was here to believe me
Baddies on my weewee, they see me on TV

You ain’t never turn a blue check to a skeezee
I can’t wife an E-E, I need me a good bitch
Someone on my level, I ain’t fienin’ for no hood bitch
Tears in this industry, I still get in my hood shit
But now I know there’s more to livin’ life than bein’ hood rich
I get me a Bentley, free that nigga Gilly
Opps straigh bitch, niggas thinkin’ that they helly
Lil’ nigga silly, pop ’em like a wheelie

I rather be great and accomplish something ‘fore I go
Than wanna see me accomplish nothing, boy, I know

[verse 2]
I just wanna be somethin’ fore I leave here
I can’t sit and watch my people that need care
Glowin’ from the back, had a steep year
Headed to the top, but the hunger deep here (No, no)
Long way from the day a nigga started this
True 2 Myself was like a starterkick
And I’m only nineteen, not so many work as hard as this

I’m just tryna go as far as it is, that’s the whole reason why I’m lit
I got some shit to prove than niggas runnin’ up their cribs
At eighteen, young nigga, broke my my mama crib
[?] this the way it is
I was destined, destined to succeed
Remember bein’ locked down
Treated like a peasant next to fleas
I can’t fuck around, [?] got deceased
I know I could achieve anything I want if I believe
Anywhere I go, I know I’m go
Flyin’ through the hood
Act like he bad, wish a nigga would
Young and I was so misunderstood
But new times came, I pray to God I made it out for good

I rather be great and accomplish something ‘fore I go
Than wanna see me accomplish nothing, boy, I know

Written by; Lil Tjay
Album; Destined 2 Win

Lil Tjay Hood Rich Lyrics