Lil Tjay – June 22nd Lyrics

Lil Tjay June 22nd Lyrics

Woke up in the morning, calm day…
Woke up in the morning hearing all my eaters talk
It’s a calm day time to t it up
Call the plug told him I’ma need some drank
He said you want trish or keisha
I said n**** whatchu think,
Got 5 point blank *_*
Might be more might think???*_**_ ** _*
And this dude *_*???*_*
This the picture I’ma paint
Trying to sign shit this the day that I met ice spice,
She came through looking nice but I was thinking what’s the price

But back to me fell asleep right in the stu I’m lacking
Pistol packed he said I don’t got it benny tap in
I’m not the type the opps know me
I more like the shotta type, shots if I don’t got to fight
I used to have a pocket knife
Back to this I’m trying to remember so I don’t gas this shit
Truth be told on what I could see clearly should be half of it
Plus I can’t spin certain shit, certain shit don’t match with this
It’s wavy and it fit the *_*???*_* go against my practices
Passionate next day I’m back up on the same shit
Today same shitsame guys same whip
No sleep chain hit, gotta do a couple shit
I ain’t really with no security I’m on some muscle shit
Buss moves had this little meeting in the morning
Still ain’t get no sleep yet

Afternoon done poured in extra sturdy this the fucking city
I was born it so I know if it ever rain today it gonna pouring,
Opps know it’s crazy they could vouch know we out,
Meet the bros up in the whip and we in route
I go to sleep I wake up hearing someone following my car,
Bitch who following my car
No one following my car, I took a look
I saw the car then I went right back to sleep
I heard that’s that car again what?
Never now it’s beef I grab my glock and I’m like now
I’m finna flip him on this street
Bros like nah tjay you wilding all I do is suck my teeth,
We downtown in the city ain’t nobody doing shit
I’m like nah bro you bugging we was dumb I’ll be a lick,
My new piece just came
My old piece a couple bricks, and if that’s the opps
What if they pull up and blick the whip
So we argue know me I hop out the roof regardless,
Moment n***** see me that’s when the car spin

N***** get to laughing they like told you t you tweaking,
I just go right back to sleep and I’m like nah I’m tired of speaking
Now I’m out the back 30 later we attelly,
I won’t up when n***** pulled up that shit lowkey hurt the belly
I ain’t get to see if n***** spun the block and got back with us,
Fuck around and lose my life just hanging with little n*****
So we right back to the telly I relax finish my nap,
I booked the stu so in a few I’m going back
Shows lined up album sounding like some crack,
So I’m excited for the music coming out and for the sack
I’m finna go to paris really in a couple of hours this my first time,
Crazy this shit happen what a *_*???*_*
Already got some kills lined up for when I land,
Oversees I be that man think about it be like damn
Now I’m back up finna go through with the plan,
Hit the stu make a jam life about to oh man
Anyways I’m well aware t you driving I don’t care hit the car,
Ayo bubba who the fu..Who the n**** right there??

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Adrian Lau, Evan C. Ellicott, Itamar Gov-Ari, Lil Tjay
  • Album: 222
  • Released: 2023