Lil Tjay – No Cap Lyrics

Lil Tjay Destined 2 Win Album Lyrics

Lil Tjay – Destined 2 Win Album Lyrics

No Cap Lyrics by Lil Tjay

Yeah, no, no, no, no
Yeah, no, no, no, no, no, no
Damn, VG, you made this?
No, no
No, no, no
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I’ma just stay to my brothers ’cause I know that we all that we got
Lucky I got me a big chance, no, I’m not missin’ my shot
I better invest in myself, stack up the wealth, then head to the top
I know niggas proud of my spot, I been gettin’ money a lot
I try to do better for niggas, but they said “Whatever” and ran after thots

Not tryna get cheddar with niggas, my niggas ain’t want it, they rather the block
I think I had [?], ’cause niggas want handouts, I do not
Not speakin’ in general nigga, but nigga, the shoe fit, let it rock
I’ma keep comin’, nonstop, twenty year old finna change shit
Lately been workin’ my ass off, each and every day is the same
I put pride in the shit, I was locked down, dreamin’ of this fame shit
Only thing left is to get to the top now, I’m goin’ insane bitch
Got what I wanted, I know I can’t stop know
The feeling is nameless

Got what I wanted, I know I can’t stop know
There’s whole lotta gang shit, still on the same shit
Broke boy, you ain’t speakin’ my language
Know you see how I’m changin’, don’t [?] see who I came with
Don’t nobody wanna smoke no more, so I ain’t got jokes no more
Nigga, I was prayin’ in that field, I don’t even wanna talk no more
Told mama I get her a house, you ain’t gotta live broke no more
Told mama “I’m makin’ it out, I don’t gotta sell dope no more”
You don’t know ’bout struggles, I doubt
I ain’t gotta sell [?] no more
I ain’t got worry ’bout the time outside we had no coat, no more

I remember that time, I was [?] smoke no more
I remember them times, I’ll never go back, I’ll never go broke no more
I still can’t hurt no more, still I be feelin’ the pain
Honestly missin’ the gang, but I can not go out to the block
High profile, shit changed
I gotta work on myself, but I fell in love with the same
F&N’s come with the fame, sad is what you mean
I’ma be headin’ to the stu’, I was hoppin’ the train
I done lost so many niggas, my heart black, it won’t be the same

Hop in the stu’ and I got in my bag, shit got me relivin’ through pain
[?] fuck is sayin’? I don’t hear none of what you sayin’
Turn up and we sprayin’, leave you there layin’
[?] know where we stayin’
They call [?] body for free, don’t even worry ’bout payin’
Bro told me he got [?] for me [?] fuck is you sayin’?
[?] sleep, I can’t even feel comfortable layin’
‘Cause I really did time for shit I did, I don’t even feel comfortable sayin’
Some of that shit stuck on mind, I think all the time and made me uncomfortable prayin’
Hot shit on my line, I gotta decline, tryna put on another day

I gotta make sure my family eat, I gotta keep my lil’ bro off the streets
I gotta help [?] startin’ in school, set up everything ready and eat
I got kids watchin’, so I preach, I’m tryna send a message they can keep
I want them on they feet, hope they get inspiration off of me
Will never laugh at anything to do, shoot for the stars and that’s where you’ll be
I had to find a way to make it through, so many niggas was hatin’ on me

Hatin’ on me, tryna knock me down, savages waitin’ and preyin’ on me
Niggas that hated off better than me
I’ma takeover, stop playin’ with me, stop playin’ with me

Written by; Lil Tjay
Album; Destined 2 Win


Lil Tjay No Cap Lyrics