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Logic – Intro Lyrics

Logic Intro Lyrics
Logic – Intro Lyrics

Intro Lyrics by Logic

Ay, I got rent I got bills
But I wanna record deal
Don’t wanna give up on my dream cuz I know I got skills
People sayin I won’t make it
Sometimes that’s how it feels
Dreams and ambitions on making millions from record deals
Emotions I let it spill
I’m going in for the kill
Giving my everything still
I hope you feel me for real
Just me and all my homies
We want it now more than ever
Destined to work a nine to five man fuck all that whatever
I want this life forever
I wanna make it out my hood I wanna do shit better

I got nothing to my name not even no GED
But I don’t wanna be some has been looking back at 43
Wondering who could be
If he had the guts to take the leap
That’s why I’m here to take the beat
And not repeat the cycle
Of people who never live they dreams
I was destined a life of nothing my parents both fiends
My name is Logic I wrote this record at 19
And now at 31 I read pages from my old rhyme book
Thinking about the time it took
To get it here
See it clear like visene
Me and my rageme
Made it by any means
Used to eat at Denny’s now its Nobu hella clean
Relieve the pain the ketamine
Relive the pain to let em in
Started as a freshman and now logic is veteran

Thinking bout all the time that it took to get here
I signed the deal and made the mills can finally afford to pay the bills
This world is cole as fuck like I’m from the vill
Let that last line chill

Everything I ever wanted now I got it

Fuck a subject school I dropped
Grabbed the gat and then cocked it
Me and my homies in the lab dope shit what we concocted
Yo I been to hell and back
Mothafucka a platinum plaque
None of that there don’t mean shit if yo family don’t gotcho back
I’m unretired yea I’m back
That’s a fact
Dats dat

Written by; Logic

Logic Intro Lyrics