Logic, A$AP Ferg, Lil Wayne – Perfect (Remix) Lyrics

Logic Perfect Remix Lyrics, Perfect Remix Lyrics by Logic ft A$AP Ferg Lil Wayne

Bitch I did it
I made it
I’m loved and I’m hated
I started from the bottom, now my neighborhood is gated
They say drink to your accomplishments, so every night I’m faded
Feel like every other day me and somebody new related
You my sister cousin brother from the other side
(The other side)
I don’t know who told you that
(My mama)
Well she fuckin’ lied (Aye)
Wake up, wake up, get your cake up
Cut it up like it’s cocaine shake up
All the streets with all these beats
I body beats, I’m not discrete (Perf-perf-perfect)
This is how it feel on the inside
All you non-talent rapping motherfuckers better run and hide
You worthless, you have no purpose, fuckin’ imposter
You gots to, get it through your head
You won’t never get no hand out
Fuckin’ with your ass, it’d be like throwing a band out
My flow increased, my dough increased
You know I lead from all deceased
I am a fucking beast, I’m from the east
I keep the peace, don’t need a piece
But I keep a piece, gotta to compete
That boy gone eat, this is a feast
Once I release, I’m smoking trees
I bought my shit, I don’t need no lease
I’ll fuck you up like Mr. P (Perfect)
This shit right here a masterpiece
I’m coming in hot like the police
Shooting my shot like the police
All on the block like the police
Man who gone stop, stop, the police?
From leaving bodies in the motherfuckin’ streets mane

Man fuck the police when it comes to my peeps
He put the hole in his cheek (Yeah)
Gold in my teeth, and my pockets obese, like I got the get money disease (Right)
I want my beats, I got more with the heat, when I speak I put rappers to sleep (Yeah)
When I get geek, I go black on the beat, and peeling them off of my cleats
Don’t stand in my way
Hope you offended today
I got some Hannibal ways, and I treat them like dinner today
No way
I get to feelin’ the bass, and I’m saying my grace, and I fuck around bite off your face
Glock is not tucked on the waist, I just spit a 16, and watch everyone duck in the place
Got a bad bitch that’s perfect
Just bought a new crib that’s perfect
VVS in my Jib that’s perfect
Got a billion streams that’s perfect
And a couple billboards I’m perfect
See clowns in the game, circus
Red dot on the nose I merk ’em, burn ’em, washin’ them all detergent
Me and Micky gotta couple bittys twerking, gotta come to a city full a Persians
And we gotta tour bus full of virgins, swervin’ mercy hit the curb and
Why you dumb rappers ain’t learnin’? (Yeah)
Make it look good but ain’t earning (Right)
All of your jewelry turning (Yeah)
I’m startin’ to get the concerning (Right)
Run up the track like a furnace (Alright)
Been floating so long I’m a star in the sky, and start to forget what the earth is

I quarantine with a foreign ting
Gucci sweats with the drawstrings
Eating X like soy beans (Perfect)
Smiling like I’m Paul wall
Sippin’ all this Pauline
She got a body like Anar Art
I sleep inside her like an RV
Give me Adderall give me Perc
Fuck it, I’m still on full alert
I eat every pussy on earth, and still have room for dessert
I got porn stars on call
I got Warhol on the wall
Point this sawed-off at your skull
Pow, skull all on the wall
Catch your guard dogs off guard, get too fuckin’ high, never fall hard
Cut the lights off in the RR
She look at the roof and see the Star Wars
And these diamonds got no flaws
That’s flawless
All wins no loses
That’s foreign
De nada