Mac Miller Faces Lyrics, Faces Lyrics by Mac Miller

When Mac Miller released Watching Movies With the Sound Off in 2013, he’d turned a corner personally and creatively. The bright, chipper style that marked the earlier part of his career pivoted to darker moods.

Its follow-up Faces, released the following year, continued down that path, with the Pittsburgh rapper both basking in his growing profile and respect—“did it all without a Drake feature” and “did it all without a Jay feature,” he quips on the triumphant “Here We Go”—and grappling with his mortality.

The declaration that he “might die before [he] detox[es]” on “Malibu” is haunting in hindsight, but in the moment, it was precisely that kind of rawness that made him so compelling.

Mac Miller Faces (Re-Release) Tracklist;

  1. Mac Miller – Inside Outside Lyrics
  2. Mac Miller – Here We Go Lyrics
  3. Mac Miller – Friends Lyrics ft. ScHoolboy Q
  4. Mac Miller – Angel Dust Lyrics
  5. Mac Miller – Malibu Lyrics
  6. Mac Miller – What Do You Do Lyrics ft. Sir Michael Rocks
  7. Mac Miller – It Just Doesn’t Matter Lyrics
  8. Mac Miller – Therapy Lyrics
  9. Mac Miller – Polo Jeans Lyrics ft. Earl Sweatshirt
  10. Mac Miller – Happy Birthday Lyrics
  11. Mac Miller – Wedding Lyrics
  12. Mac Miller – Funeral Lyrics
  13. Mac Miller – Diablo Lyrics
  14. Mac Miller – Ave Maria Lyrics
  15. Mac Miller – 55 Lyrics
  16. Mac Miller – San Francisco Lyrics
  17. Mac Miller – Colors and Shapes Lyrics
  18. Mac Miller – Insomniak Lyrics ft. Rick Ross
  19. Mac Miller – Uber Lyrics ft. Mike Jones
  20. Mac Miller – Rain Lyrics ft. Vince Staples
  21. Mac Miller – Apparition Lyrics
  22. Mac Miller – Thumbalina Lyrics
  23. Mac Miller – New Faces v2 Lyrics ft. Da$H, Earl Sweatshirt
  24. Mac Miller – Grand Finale Lyrics
  25. Mac Miller – Yeah Lyrics

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