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Femi Kuti Made Kuti Legacy Album Lyrics

Femi Kuti, Made Kuti – Legacy + Album Lyrics

We Are Strong Lyrics by Made Kuti

Tell me what it is you believe
Do you not see there are some things that we cannot do if we don’t do together
Why must he die
Why must she die for you alone (Why must he die)
Sacrifice his life and his family (Why must she die)
Sacrifice it all for you to be free (For you alone)


We plenty
And dem don tell us say
There’s strength in numbers
(Strong X2)

So na to think now
Can we win without violence
Shey we fit win without blood
Without bloodshed

With no need to kill
No need to kill X3

One by one by one
They’ll come to unite X2
Together they’ll rise X2
They’ll rise for their people

For the love the love the love
The love that they have X3
They have X2
They have for their people


Look at them struggling
(We are)
Look at them bleeding
(We are)
Look at them praying
(We are X2)


Written by; Made Kuti
Released date; 9 February, 2021
Album/EP; Legacy +

Made Kuti We Are Strong Lyrics