Magixx – Okay Lyrics

Magixx Okay Lyrics

You know mankind so wicked
Na why me tread carefully everyday
See as I dey mind my business
see say I dey mind my business

Only your mama wants you bigger
And When me Dey for my darkest times
Nobody to check on me then
See as I Dey grind for fitness

Like ama soldier
Family rest pon me shoulder
Never see clear when me sober
So I must to roll one

Life of a loner
All of the stress I been under
Pray that my cup runneth over

But I’m okayyy tonight
oh oh
But we gon’ be alright eh ehh
And I’m okayy tonight
Yeah we go’n be alright

Show me all the loving now
When I still dey alive o
Cause all the pain and all of the pressure
Fit dey make a man fall to depression

Sleepless nights and sacrifice
Maky my mind Dey fly
Be like them forget sey I be human being
No forget sey I be human being

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Magixx
  • Album: Okay
  • Released: 2024