Maglera Doe Boy – Maglera House Party Lyrics

Maglera Doe Boy Maglera House Party Lyrics (feat. Focalistic & KayGizm)

Now come along come along we at the party
I got the stank who got the drank let’s get it started
Don’t really dance
Do the same ol two step
But tonight?
Ntwana dala I’m with the larnies
Fly as fuck no Carry on
I carry on
Killin em all ba batla ho e Maza but carry on
I’m from the slums I made it here we really on
This how guluvas maneuver I’m upper echelon
I’m Catchin flights we lanzani Lanseria
Doe Boys in the 18 area
Iketle pele I’m in the field like Maradona
I’m kickin game
Taking corners ain’t takin orders
I pay the cost to be the boss
Bonne di losso
Ke jikijetsi jille pos o jille posso
I been a guido since ke skeema bo Giovani
Fettuccini my conversations Intariana.

Now come along
Come along come along
I ain’t V I B E in so long
When the Champagne spilling huzet?
Banyana havin fun and the boys is lit
Mataka tonight
I’m livin my life…

Maradona run the game came right back no Jimmy Tau
You left back
No top 5
O na bamba mjo
When I drop they attention o nkare ke skolo
When you drop they drop dead your sound is covid
Mask on mask off yeah I’m still the future
Bout to make em all come true I dream lucid
Never love a bitch bullet proof from the cupid
Still MCM coz she know I rock Gucci and I came up
Still blowing up ke landmine
Tell your girl to never hit me on the landline
Tell the boys we still ahead it’s a landslide
And hake land’a roll a jet coz I’m too fly
Ko Maglera I’m like Doe Boy
And my snymaan says I’m dope boy
Oh boy

Mfana o ke mathata o tlo sokola
Pitori Maradona but they love me like I’m North God

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Kgaugelo Goodchild Choabi, Lethabo Sebetso, Tokelo Moyakhe
  • Album: Diaspora
  • Released: 2022