Medikal – Violence Lyrics

Medikal Violence Lyrics

Medikal – Violence Lyrics

Violence Lyrics by Medikal

Flex, pow
Sturborn, violence
Violence too mu

Make somebody call the ambulance
There is too much blood
Too much drip adey cause too much flood (Yeah yeah)

Schoool no magyae cause I get too much class
All about the green like a vegeterian
Too much grass (Yeah)

Y3de ma mo back to back
Sekof we dey rep for the motherland

Ghana boy buh my money keeps doubling
Like I’m from Ireland

Adey cross US border like Mexican
Plane no y3fa no s3 Uber
Final destination ne y3 Neverland

Mongye me bar menraise
Exams baa Nyame nti menfaile

S3 mede nwomtoc no to nky3n na
Meke y3 barber koraa still menfaile

Written by; Medikal

Medikal Violence Lyrics