Meek Mill – Whatever I Want Lyrics

Meek Mill Whatever I Want Lyrics (feat. Fivio Foreign)

Meek Milly
Jump right back in that mode shorty sadity she lookin so pretty
She give me that wiggy in the back of the rolls
Aye aye feel like I’m cracking the code
N*** ain’t with me they must be against me I’m telling my
My hittas to snatch they soul
North side n*** know that I’m t’d , n*** talk that shit when I leave I came Glock ten with a drum if n*** want smoke I’ll turn habib
If shorty don’t go I’ll leaveee to fast for the hoe high speed
On the gram do a post for the pic if you put on that shit
And you having this cheeeesee
Give me a shot and get another one
Give me a Thot and give my brother one
I make it hot soon as the summer come
I make it hot hot hot , I’m at the top I am not one of them
I got a Glock, came with a drum in em switch with the box
N*** can’t run from them man it go Fa Fa Fa
What is he on whatever he want
What is he doin whatever he want, take her right 2 the store get whatever you want Aye I can go to my hood whenever I want
N*** say I ain’t good P P got one
All things getting stood whenever I want
Whenever I want yea

She want stand on business , I’m about to boost this lil bitch stock get caught
On cameras wit us , pull up and fuck these n*** block up got Maybach phantoms With us
Play and we fucking these n*** block up got ladders, hammers with us
Bottega I’m puttin it on I might mix it with Ricky I’m drawn
I might kiss her I really get litty ,Im eating her pussy I dip it in raw
I’m so drippy you might need a straw , I’m like jimmy no really i ball
I’m from Philly I hang out with killers I be in the hood all the wolves and the dogs
Hoo! Shawty a dog Hoo! and I’m a dog too , one in the head and I’m keeping my finger On the trigger like R2, n*** say he want me dead burnin his head Aw shoot
Shit like golden state everybody winnin we all shoot

And I like Christian Dior bitch why you not look at me for
Your best friend watching is pissin me off
She usually fuck when I get in the door
See a opp and I’m clickin it more , see me on tv it’s tickin them off My hand on her head and my dick in her jaws
She fuckin her homies to get to the source
I remember them trips to them sides
I reminisce when I’m hittin the Zaa
When they say my name I be getting surprised
He look at me wrong get hit in his eyes
That’s some shit that I wouldn’t advise, You a driller then get in this ride

Free all my all my n*** , I’m missing the guys I pop me a perky to get in the vibes I remember goin on invasions in the crib give me all your savings
Get a million views is motivation , we was goin viral from the basement
Now it’s forty thousand for a placement and I’m rich off my reputation
Praying to god so I know that I would make it but I was committing sins while I was waiting
And I get head when I want , and I get bread when I want , hundred thousand that’s a regular month
I only love her when I’m ready to nut, that’s when I’m ready to nut, she get whatever she want I get whatever I want , I get whatever I want , I get whatever I want ,
I get whatever I want , I get whatever I want , and that’s when I’m ready to nut
I get whatever I want , I get whatever I want , I get whatever I want

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Meek Mill
  • Released: 2024