Megan Thee Stallion To Thee Hotties Lyrics

What’s up, hotties? It’s your girl Megan Thee Stallion
A.k.a The Hot Girl Coach
A.k.a Young Tina Snow, Mrs. Hard on a Hoe
A.k.a Thee H-town Hottie
And I really just wanted to get on here right quick
And tell y’all thank y’all so much for rocking with me
Y’all don’t know how much it mean to me, through the ups, through the downs
Y’all always sending me positive messages
Uplifting me, I see ’em on Twitter
Yeah, I be lurking in y’all lil’ groupchats and stuff
I see ’em on Instagram
And I just really had to take a moment to say thank y’all and I appreciate y’all
And I love y’all and just as hard as y’all go for me, I always wanna go hard for y’all
And just thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you to the OG hotties
Thank you to the hotties that been rocking with me since I was doing shows at the strip club
Doin’ shows at any bar, any club, to the big stages that we rocking right now
I promise I’ma keep goin’ up for y’all and I’ma keep on puttin’ on
I’ma keep on puttin’ on for Houston
And, yeah
Love y’all

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