Morrisson – Daily Duppy Lyrics

Morrisson Daily Duppy Lyrics, Daily Duppy Lyrics by Morrisson

Been shot, been stabbed, we know how they both feel
Been rich, been poor, we know how they both feel
They’re fake but acting so real
I’ve been knee deep in the trenches
We spent most our lives in jail
Cause we don’t speak when police ask questions
Mandem mad to see progression
They’d rather see you broke and stressing
They wanna see me put my mic down
Grab my mask and load my weapon
First I ask God to protect me from my enemies tryna get me
Then I started losing my bredrins
Thank you God, I get the message
It’s a cold world, oh well, let’s crack on with these coke sales
Let’s crack on with these grows
And pray our nosy neighbours don’t tell
I feel sorry for our old girls and the stress we put them through
My mum buried her favourite son
When I heard the news I couldn’t move
What do I say? What do I do?
Regardless, nothing will bring him back
I miss you bro, I blame myself becah the more I let you down
I wish they left you in the can and the feds never let you out
Rather visit you in a jail than have to bury you in the ground
So I’m sorry mum, sorry dad, sorry Joe, sorry Ant
Sorry sis, sorry Steve, see you soon, roger that
All the family miss you, all the mandem miss you
I’ve got a couple of scores to settle
Then I’m out and coming to visit you
I’m more comfortable around killers
Than I am when I’m round civilians
We do equal splits when we lick it
They’re ungrateful so they keep whingeing
And money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you a fancy car
Rather be sad in a Lambo than be sad on the back of a bus
But I made my bed, I’ll lie in it
If he’s with me then I’ll ride for him
Being a boss is tiring, all the sacking and the hiring
I’m from Newham and it’s violent here
A lot of man are dying here
Friends will stab you in your back when you ain’t looking
So keep your eyes on them
We ain’t never had no guidance
That’s the reason why we’re reckless
We’re either battling with our enemies
Or we’re battling with depression
And I know that God protects me
But I can’t move without my weapon
Cause he’s let me down before
My enemies left me on a stretcher
So I stay with it
I’m on the edge, don’t play with me
Underneath this drip I’ve got this P.T.S.D. stain on me
The struggle and the pain on me
Mum don’t cry, just pray for me
It was us that shot the block up
But it’s them man that are claiming it
Fuck you friends that changed on me
You fell off, now you’re blaming me
Now the same mandem that ate off me
Are the same mandem that hate on me
It’s a fake game and it ain’t honest
I said it’s a fake game and it ain’t honest
And I’m knee deep in the trenches, tryna make it out
I let my actions do the talking, I don’t make a sound
He’s showing love but hates on man
Now he’s tryna shake my hand
With that same pair of hands
He used to try and take me down with
After all the things I did for you
You only talk about them things I never did for you
I ain’t perfect but I’ve been loyal
You diss me then you say you’re loyal, blud that’s disloyal
And teamwork makes the dream work
But that can only happen when everyone in the team works
And no one gets to eat first
When we eat, we eat together
When we starve, we starve together
Smile, cry and laugh together
I’m keeping it moving
Opps got me loading Russians, I’m feeling like Putin
I need to stay around the mandem that help me improve
And stay away from man that find a problem in every solution
And here’s the rapper starter kit
Write about the hood even if you ain’t a part of it
Put some tattoos on your face, shoot a vid and dance in it
Put it on the net and probably chart with it
I couldn’t count how many times that I got counted out
I went from counted out to counted on to help the mandem out
You told the ends that you’re my hitta
But you’ve never banged for man
People only knew you cause you hanged around with me
And don’t push me, I ain’t scared to drop out everyone
And if I lose my hood pass I’ll just buy some extra guns
Bulletproof my whip and roll through any hood, like fuck ’em
And I know a couple friends wanna kill me innit
But you know you can’t cause you know you still need me
That’s why I keep you close but I keep my distance, fuck ’em

It’s a dog-eat-dog world, it’s survival of the fittest
And it’s kill or be killed, I’m from a violent little city
Man take kindness for a weakness so I have to hide my feelings
I felt bad when I robbed my man but I acted like I didn’t
As a kid I never had much and neither did my neighbours
We used to run around with holes and tears in all our trainers
We didn’t know about designer cause our clothes were nameless
We weren’t jealous of each other cause we had nothing to hate on
Then all that started changing when we started making money
Shh was making more than shh so he started moving funny
Then we started getting hungry, friendships turned into business
Them man used to be my friends but then became a competition
We used to share the same vision, same plans, same mission
Then the money broke us up, Take That and Robbie Williams
We was friends that moved like siblings, now we’re oppositions
I would’ve killed an opp for him
Now I’m the one that wants to kill him
And they’re the ones that wanna kill me, this life’s been real G
Trap money looking filthy, clean guns, we turn it filthy
We were shooting but not filming, the ends turned into Baghdad
Homes turned into bandos, good kids turned into badman
When guns went bang bang
Man dropped like a Santander account bank scam
Shots fired like we sat man
I ain’t from Brum but we slash man, cut his face with a kitchen
Try diss my G-Unit, now he’s got a buck fifty
I’ve done things I can’t talk about
I’m from a hood you can’t walk about
“Mum I want them Nike trainers”
“Nah son we can’t afford all that”
So I started doing a paper round
Then my friends started to call me Pat
I got paid five pound a week for that
And I gave my mother all of that
And I grew up in a council house
Inheritance? Cancel that
I got it from the mud and broke that cycle, I’m a landlord now
My kids future, that’s all patterned now
Me and Steve just went and grabbed a car
Brand new Porsche 911, all black like the Panther cast
Hold on, wait a minute, you thought I was finished?
When I was buying all them houses you thought they was rented?
I’ve been round a lot of snakes that I thought was my bredrins
I’ve been taking L’s but they weren’t losses, they were lessons
I hit rock bottom, I had to level up
I got knocked down, I kept getting up
I’m in the crop house full of smelly bud
And when I chop down I might sell you some
And you’re all about when the bread is up
But you’re not about when the bread is done
So I dropped out and hit everyone
Because you opt out when the pressure comes
Them man are broke because you sleep too much
I can’t sleep unless my P’s are up
I need to feed my son and daughter so I’m shotting
While you bruddas are moving bricks and smoke the profits
Half of you need to stop it
Even after all the losses blud I’m still winning
Even after all the pain I’ve been through I’m still grinning
I’m in the trap with more bricks than a builder’s yard
There’s no space for furniture cause every room’s filled with plants
I’m from Newham where the grillers are
The armed robbers, top shotters and some killers are
I done a move and robbed fifty large
Dylan wasn’t there and I still give him fucking half
You’re team ain’t as real as ours, we’re calling the shots
Not just one of us are on it blud, we’re all on our job
They’re just talking a lot
But when it’s action time they quieten down
I dropped out D cause he wasn’t on riding out
Birds keep flying out and money keeps coming in
And feds just kicked the door off so we need to rent another crib
The man I’m getting money with’s the same man I ride with
We clap man and drive off smiling
You won’t see me hiding unless I’m on the run from the feds
I keep my .45 greased in case man come for my head
If you see me popping bottles in the club with my friends
We ain’t slipping mate, we’ve come here prepared
We’ve got something for them