NCT DREAM – Hot Sauce (맛) Album Lyrics, Tracklist

NCT DREAM 맛 Hot Sauce Album Lyrics

NCT DREAM – 맛 (Hot Sauce) Album Lyrics, Tracklist

Hot Sauce Album Lyrics by NCT DREAM

South Korean band, NCT DREAM has released their latest project, ‘맛 (Hot Sauce)’ album.

It is a hip-hop song with acrobeat of the atmosphere that I tried for the first time. It has a unique signature sound that seems to memorize a spell. Hook is a great point, so please listen carefully.

NCT DREAM 맛 (Hot Sauce) Album Tracklist;

  1. NCT DREAM – Hot Sauce (맛) Lyrics
  2. NCT DREAM – Diggity Lyrics
  3. NCT DREAM – Dive Into You (고래) Lyrics
  4. NCT DREAM – My Youth (우리의 계절) Lyrics
  5. NCT DREAM – Rocket Lyrics
  6. NCT DREAM – Countdown (3, 2, 1) Lyrics
  7. NCT DREAM – ANL Lyrics
  8. NCT DREAM – Irreplaceable (주인공) Lyrics
  9. NCT DREAM – Be There For You (지금처럼만) Lyrics
  10. NCT DREAM – Rainbow (책갈피) Lyrics

Written by; NCT DREAM

NCT DREAM Hot Sauce Album Lyrics

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