Okmalumkoolkat – Push It Lyrics ft. LV

Okmalumkoolkat 100k Macassette Mixtape lyrics
Okmalumkoolkat – 100k Macassette Mixtape Lyrics

Push It Lyrics by Okmalumkoolkat

Push It To The Limit
Push It To The Limit
Push It To The Limit
Push It To The Limit
Push It To The Limit
Push It! Push It! Push It!
Push It! Push It! Push It!

Yo I push to the limit, uTony Montana
You cats soft like Hannah Montana
I’m Indiana Jones, in my slumber
Cool Kat cut his own path with a panga

I’m the best, no manga-manga
New alley cat, too street for the jungle
Sleek cat, cool cat, king of the jungle
Flowing like gravy keen on a bumble

I don’t rock combos, I rock ensembles
I’m a mixtape, this is just a sample
Take the Scarface theme for example
The world is yours but keep it on a humble

Hustle hard, always keep that pace on the double
Keep it moving, if you slack then you crumble
Keep a bad one and stay out of trouble
Then Peter Panah float in a bubble
iPod shuffle, cooler than a puddle

Dances with the devil, maybe try a couple
If he wants to cuff you be off like shuttle
Never bite the apple, hustle on a suttle
Never ride a high horse with an old saddle

Wordplay everyday, play it scrabble
Dream like a kid, act like an adult
You can balance it out, steak with the salad
I started in a garage, steaming like a kettle

Hot shit, then I put the metal to the metal
Speeding in the sky met a storm then I toppled
Message in the bottle, lost in the coral
But it could be borrowed by kids of tomorrow

Looking for my stories and their morals
Minus the joys and the sorrows
My stories are the best in the wereld
My stories are the best in the world!

Written by; Okmalumkoolkat
Album/EP; 100k Macassette

Okmalumkoolkat Push It Lyrics

Okmalumkoolkat Push It Lyrics English Translation