Oxxxymiron Tsunami Lyrics English Translation

Saving up for a long time
Loved in secret
Bought a Volvo
Watered a palm tree

Returned the certificate
Closed the deal
Pulled the strap
Whitewashed the wall

Exactly according to the standard
Strictly by the law
Rigidly according to the pattern
Clearly according to the canon

On this topic
In fact
Capacious and specific
Concise and clear

Did what they asked
I thought: Maybe it will give you a ride
Meryl what they wear
Believe: Enough for the fall

Found by acquaintance
Helped with the housework
Entered the manual
Stopped sloppiness

The perfect ending is almost ready
The limit of dreams is ridiculously close
A lot of efforts and efforts are justified
A happy prediction is inevitably correct

Suddenly out of nowhere a hum
For a second the world froze
Sounds like doomsday coming
Over the tsunami bay

Bummer came out
Failure has gone wrong
Hardly survived
Barely escaped
Absorbed the experience
Eliminated from
All calculations
I crossed out unnecessary and idle ones from the address book
Immoral personalities with eternal toxic rudeness
Eliminated medications, changed public transport
Personal space, keys, sealed shell

Broadcasting a photocard positive
streamlined, pumped
Systematized, linked, counted, simplified
Activated gift certificate

I was busy with myself
Has ceased to appear
Got up with alcohol
Gave up meat

As calm as possible
Evenly rocked
Constantly satisfied
Finally everything is different

Suddenly out of nowhere a hum
For a second the world froze
Sound like it’s coming
last judgment
Over the tsunami bay

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