Oxxxymiron – КТО УБИЛ МАРКА? (WHO KILLED MARK?) Lyrics English Translation | Find Out Lyrics

Oxxxymiron – КТО УБИЛ МАРКА? (WHO KILLED MARK?) Lyrics English Translation

Oxxxymiron WHO KILLED MARK Lyrics English Translation, Oxxxymiron КТО УБИЛ МАРКА Lyrics English Translation

You know it feels like it’s stalled
Somewhere I turned the wrong way and the path became intricate
And you walk in circles, choosing your words
Realizing that everything can be fixed only by going back
Contra marks, yes, they are valid, the film takes a long time
Stock up on patience and popcorn
Sign and get:
The retrospective is as symptomatic as it is instructive.
The end of the 2000s was pure ice age
No hip-hop industry, just Myspace
Plus vivid dreams to announce to them that I am
So as not to be invisible – Wells did not write my life
After all, the one who, in childhood, is like a chain and an amulet
Carried out the victim’s stigma with zero self-esteem
For several long years, after all my life I have to make a choice
Surrender, change inside, or compensate
I chose the third and began to fight with might and main
Against the world away from the places where native birches grow
My maximalism: I will piss all these bones
And the battle rap immediately fit like a superhero costume
In it I could do everything that I could not even dream of
And it’s time to close the teenage gestalt
Life became, as I carefully painted myself
It’s a pity, the suit forgot to teach you to be responsible for your words.
Schokk, my partner in those years, was tougher in appearance
But also a child inside and with demons louder than mine
To share working days with him on the way is still a type
With an unstable psyche, then bro, then a complete psycho
We diss’or all: Castu, Dimastu, Bastu
Zhigana, Djigan, were sincere, but in different ways
I fiddled with their rhyme, lashed for style
And he threatened in conflicts and personally hooked on his relatives
Vagabund: an iconic underground phenomenon
Botanist’s Alliance with Gopnik, the new sound of Europe
Fanaticism, excitement, but contention in the team
Schokk constantly substitutes me, shits and whines
Toxic friendship get down, bitch, you gotta
Back in mid-October, he let him know that I was leaving
We will only roll the cities, but exactly then
Roma Zhigan enters the stage in an antique play
A raid and a shot from a trauma through the window, into a mug from his feet
So the genre of cinema changed from a musical to an action movie
Breams, knees, apologies, filming? Battles and books
Here is mine, but I fell under the rink, my enemy is my tongue
So the first lesson: hurry up, boy, drop it
To say only from a distance that you will not repeat in your eyes
And the second: do not agree with jambs
After all, when the snows overtake you, you are on your own
They demanded an apology from us from the stage
Schokk flew away, grew bolder and repeated the insults
I understand stress – his lady was there with us
But why give a fuck what we’ll write to declare
What would you choose? The choice is not easy
You said you wanted to dump, then you got caught up in their conflict
Apologize publicly – shame won’t go online
Or perish with your runaway little brother, what always smiles at you?
Obviously! I decided everything correctly, I decided everything peacefully
Video with Schokk – online, mine didn’t come out – lies
I closed the gate by throwing my keys off the cliff
Having made a vow of silence, it was enough for ten years
Tactical Right Move, Deal and Compromise
The fans received it well, although they tensed a little
Silence is a treasure, gold or a gag
But I had no idea how it would change me
New chapter, I’m moving to Russia
Rebuilding from scratch all alone, first mixtape
And Tumbler has strength, I meet Porchy
Then Booking Machine, we start to grow
Schokk goes crazy, dedicates songs to me
Did I get off easy? Is that on the surface
Anxiety and depression – the oppression is too big
Roma Zhigan has dirt on the shelf
Roma is an Orthodox patriot, okay
It seems like blackmail is not very Orthodox
Even if fucking strangers is patriotic
To kneel in a crowd is not diplomatic
I give it all, I have no choice
If I don’t want my future children at school to see the video
With a father on his knees and a slap in the face
And I do what he wants from me
Going to his movie called Beef
Interview with MC about conflicts in rap games
All the players have already starred in it, but hype needs me
And I settle for flex, second compromise
The listeners are terrified of the illusion of friendship with him
Zhigan is all that Vagabund and I went against
Cognitive dissonance in the brain like poison

I did not betray Schokka, but I betray myself

Tours, battles, my second mixtape
Unformatted rap all goes up to the top
This is an unthinkable success, but also powerlessness, because I am a victim again
In and I will compensate again, Zhenya enters

Gorgorod comes out, money flows like a river, three rounds a year
Stormy stream, Urgant, beau monde, fucking Forbes list
I broke the game but got addicted to self-censorship
There is absolutely everything

This cannot be said, because I will offend the fanbase
And this is not possible, because they will immediately laugh at me
This is not allowed – my family reads me often
But this is definitely not possible – it is unsafe

Psychosomatics, I’m a squeezed spring
Muscle clamps, fear that I’m not a man
Silence drags on the silent like a quagmire
Bolotka, Pussy Riot, repression, Ukraine

I ignore everything, but the pain doesn’t go away
I rock to vomit, smoke to blood in phlegm
Binges, drugs, I keep running away
In bed, another person again, but this zero helps

Every opponent in the battle lays about the bream to me
Forbidden subject, but open secret
I am always silent, in this I am the hero of the generation
I will not go to Dudyu: he will definitely ask about my knees

Purulent and Ice, prime time, KOTD
I’m soon practically the number one rapper
Zhigan will release the film, and here I agree to the promo
The skeleton in my closet is overgrown with meat again

Premiere – humiliation, brother
As if everything is forgotten, convincing myself: This is my decision
Lava does not warm the pocket, because in the attic all this time
Dorian Gray’s portrait secretly grows old for me

Outwardly, everything is ok, you can relax
Old fans don’t remember, new ones don’t know – that’s it
Zhigan has been behaving correctly for a couple of years
It’s time to let go, but the ribcage is sagging

I’m starting to stumble, I’m a shadow of myself
Mentor, CEO, legend – merit and medals
Soon more than Brezhnev, Egotrip, Empire, dementia
But inside a baby’s uncertainty

My career suicide – to be silent for so many years
I don’t graduate six, I don’t perform five
Building relationships, tying up with rap
Chained by self-imposed prohibitions

But my new life is awry, alas
Along the way, that deal was with both conscience and the devil
Leaving BM, our brotherhood is invaluable, but
It became crowded, and so that the team would not be hooked

Radjabov, courts, Motuznaya, peaceful protest
I will sing my music, Zhukov and Sit down to the text
Courage is a gradual process, tasting like a delicacy
And I get a taste, but the shame still eats from the inside

Inconsistent demo
Simpler than their shameful demons lustration
I shed a little ego tyranny
A year and a half without social networks and therapy

It seems like I’m starting to understand something timidly
The process is not pleasant, something is clearly missing in the puzzle
As if the central part is missing
I walk in circles, and then I remember

Trembling fingers in VK correspondence
To look for what no one knew, I and Zhigan forgot
That ten years later it may still lie somewhere
What he threatened me with during blackmail

Here it is, in b / w, a video of the raid of that
Emergency, for years it has been waiting for me
To the bottom, where the waters are blacker, wildly, but all kipish
Because of a couple of seconds that you see at the beginning of the clip

From school I was afraid that they would mock me
2021 – I got fucked up to run away
For as long as I can remember, I trembled over my reputation
But to become freer, you need not be afraid to crap

I didn’t want to be on my knees for ten seconds
That in the end stood on them for ten years
Roma, you will call and we will talk calmly
Hey, I kept silent about mine, you won’t do anything to me

How funny it comes out – everything is secret
Becomes explicit, and each has its own role
Played here while we were putting on sketches
I was a victim, but only of my low self-esteem

Frodo doubts, but dancing off the cliff
The Ring of Omnipotence is hidden in the throat of Orodruin
Life is a compromise and it’s not always bad
But some of them have too high a price

I have forgiven Schokk long ago for the moron’s antics
Now I can forgive Zhigan – it was and it was
Maybe those who were hurt by loving will forgive me
But the main thing is that today I forgive myself

Russia, where are you rushing?
Who is to blame and what to do?
Am I a trembling creature or do I have the right?
What are our boys made of?
How much is the fish?

Why are birches so noisy in Russia?
And why did the natives eat Cook?
Do you have a Slavic wardrobe for sale?
Who are we and where are we from?

Who needs a slice of the July sky?
Why don’t people fly?
Truth or Dare?
Where are your seventeen years old?
Where does childhood go?
Is there life on Mars?
What should we do in Greece?

What is the coming day for me?
How much is your freedom worth?
Where does the Motherland begin?
Life or wallet?
How much is opium for the people?

Is there anyone alive?
Wait, who is coming?
What is the strength in, brother?
How much does an item cost?
How much do you earn?
How many centimeters?
What? Where? When?
Who want to be a millionaire?

Where is this street, where is this house?
Where are the best hangouts?
Supplements for whom?
How much to weigh in grams?
Where are the police looking?
Who let the dogs out?
Who do you love more – dad or mom?

What is love?
Where Dreams May Come?
What’s in a name?
Who if not us?
The driven horses are shot, aren’t they?
But most importantly: who killed Mark?