Phaemous – Running (Intro) Lyrics

Phaemous PHAEWAY VOL. 1 EP Lyrics

Phaemous – PHÆWAY, VOL. 1 EP Lyrics

Running Lyrics by Phaemous

Woaah ohh ohhh
Phaemous pon dis(on God)
Running around
Tataradadada ouuuyeah yeah yeah

Running around
Tryna find a route
Am I going to make down to you
Before the time runs out?!
I don’t know Oh
Why I’m feeling like 11m so cold
Thought you said that you was

Ringing my line
And I didn’t wanna pick up
Know this way I feel about you
Got me feeling like 11m over all this
Oh my baby you should
know it’s all you
Got me feeling like I’m running down yeah

Days are passing by so fast
So fast 00000
(Eclectic Cosmic Chants
From a Phaemous language nobody knows)
And I barely feel how I wanted
Wouldn’t even say what I needed noooooo
(Wouldn’t even say this o)
Baby don’t leave yet
You should know that’s you Ma lo
Baby please girl Ma lo 0000
But if I wrote it on a wall
Spell it out

Would you know that the reason
For me missing(missing)
Wasn’t really vivid
But of-course
it’s because you lost focus

When you grab pon Mi-meat
In McDonald
Inna mi condo
Is a feeling that you have been missing
So select me Ma
You a peng ting from indianaaaaaa
(Eclectic Cosmic Chants from a Phaemous
language nobody knows)

Written by; Phaemous
Released date; 21 March, 2021
Album/EP; PHÆWAY, VOL. 1

Phaemous Running Lyrics