Playboi Carti – EVILJ0RDAN Lyrics

Playboi Carti EVILJ0RDAN Lyrics, Playboi Carti EVILJORDAN Lyrics

First I go whip out the boat
No, I can’t hit on no breaks
My life is out of control
I’m tellin’ you, nobody safe
I’ve been livin’ my life limbo
My ice, it came with a tray
It’s so hot, I gotta hide my face
This not a rockstar phase
I’m a emo, thuggin’ my phase
Zero, zero, zero, zero, tell her to come chase
Monkey nuts, hold me, baby, I got on two chains
Roll another blunt and I might motherf**kin’ faint
Spin on the block, have a p***y n**** stained
I just put on my boots, ain’t worried ’bout no rain
Put a n**** down, Channel 2 front page
You was just askin’ for some change, now you changed?
Yeah, I told you, yeah, about that money, sh*t get strange
Fully loaded check, hold up, baby, Jordan paid
I put duct tape on my switch, perfect aim
They can’t put me in no genre baby, ’cause I changed the game
We f**kin’ on the same hoe, but we not the same
Disrespect the 5, I put your ass in the food chain (Swamp Izzo)
B**** keep callin’ my phone, she sayin’ Ms. Jackson goin’ through her brain (Carti)
We was just outside dancin’, movin’ on molly, feelin’ insane (He’s comin’)
I f**ked the b**** so nasty, we go Sephora then we go PINK
She not so f**kin’ toxic, and she care about what I think
She’s nothin’ like no other b****es, she care about what I drink
I think she’s a fling
I think she’s a play maker
She should be on my team
She should get her a ring
Sh*t, it can’t be me
But she could be on the team
Diamonds they come out the water
My sock, it come with a ring
The Wraith came with a chauffer
The chauffer ready to take me