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Bloody Canvas Lyrics by Polo G

[?] wasn’t tough
Believe the world is burnin’ down
Never had no help from anyone

Uh, let me tell you ’bout a young nigga, he was only fourteen
Don’t fuck with niggas, he stay social distanced like he quarantined
Went from NBA to tourin’ dreams and a street legend in between
That’s where prayers made him hit his knees
See, he was born Cabriniggaa back in ’99
Old Chicago, Northside, where the news reportin’ live
He can’t help but rep his hood, damn near born on his block
And his parents had him young, they ain’t really have a lot
Seen his daddy gang bangin’, one day, he might take his spot
Five years old and he taught him how to aim a Glock, uh
“Use that bitch to protect your family,” that’s what he told him
A empty clip, he grabbed the gun and practiced what he showed him
In his family, hood famous, “Pop Out,” everybody know him
And his people stuck for him so he won’t let nobody ho him
I’m still sellin’ street stories, shit intriguin’ like a poem
Sayin’ shit like he’d put it to their neck if anybody owe him
All through his childhood, he was bad but innocent
Playin’ basketball with his homies, runnin’ scrimmages
That’s who he cracked jokes, made a bond and got suspended with
And when they saw the opps, they fist-fought to settle differences
‘Til one day, the opps, they got tired of getting beat up
They big homies gave ’em guns like, “Man, go and light they street up”
They puttin’ hoodies on, all black, [?] up
Adrenalin pumpin’, now they can’t wait until see us
Normal day on the block, it was fun and all smiles
But his best friend Jacob wandered off from the crowd
Took a walk to the store, headphones bangin’ loud
Then his opps bent the corner, he ain’t see ’em come around
When he looked up at the car, that’s when them shots went bow
Blood oozin’ with his back on the ground
Vision blurry, heartbeat slowin’ down
Blood comin’ out his mouth, feel like he startin’ to drown
Tires screechin’, last thing he heard was that sound
“Jacob just got shot,” that’s what a lady scream
Now everybody out of breath, running to the scene
Seein’ Jacob on the floor, that was some shit they couldn’t believe
His eyes rolling back, his auntie tryna tell him, “Breathe”
Died ‘fore the paramedics came, she cryin’, “Baby, please”
Ain’t even get to graduate ’cause he was only seventeen
Shorty cried all night, wishin’ that shit was just a dream
‘Til that pain turned into anger, time to make a nigga bleed

Fuck, man
This nigga just took my best friend
And I, I can’t go for that shit
It got me fucked up

And by the way, his name was Terrence but they called him Zay
Dark skin, he wore a mean mug with some long dreads
Six-two, he good at hawkin’ niggas down, he got long legs
Now he’ll go and kill anybody that he want dead
They heard he caught his first body, and that word spread
And he know how quick karma come around but he wasn’t scared
Sacrificed his soul in them streets like Illuminati
Now sellin’ drugs and shootin’ niggas, them his only hobbies
Big driller now, he the one to call and go and catch a hundred
Got the lo’ on a nigga who killed his dawg, he want his second body
A life, yeah, have you seen a nigga named Rodney?
Say, “He be out west off his ass, movin’ real sloppy”

Yo, what’s the word?
Man, you wouldn’t believe who I found out the nigga who killed Jacob
It was the lil’ nigga Rodney
He be hangin’ out up at the gas station at [?] tryna make some money, nigga, I always [?]
Oh, yeah? Bet, say no more

Zay pulled up to the lo’, lights off, it’s like one o’clock
Grippin’ on the silver Smith & Wesson with like thirty shots
He ain’t gotta put one in the head, it’s already cocked
Rodney got his back turned, he tryna sell his last rock
Zay hopped out the car, he ready to erase
Rodney heard him comin’, he gon’ run before he let him pay
It’s like a demon in them cousins, eyes red while he chasin’
Rodney havin’ some with regrets, now he just hopin’ God save him
Shots to the leg, hollow tips ate him
Fell to the ground like his shoes, he ain’t lace ’em
Zay walked up, stood over him like, “Pussy, this for Jacob”
Gave him for shots to the stomach, then he faced him
Zay went into his car, Rodney bleedin’ on the pavement
He had untied his hoodie and they seen that on surveillance
Tryna match him to the footage, the police investigatin’
Plus they have his picture on the wall at the station
A week later, they had came and grabbed him from his mama house
Couldn’t afford a lawyer in the county, find drama now
Zay fuckin’ takin’ it to trial, he ain’t coppin’ out
Judge gave him forty-nine years, now that’s a lot to count

The prosecutors were asking for the judge to lock him up for up to twenty-five years
The judge gave him twenty-eight
Smith had the last word
Again, he was sentenced to twenty-eight years of prison
He has thirty years to appeal that sentence, back to you

Written by; Polo G
Album/EP; Hall of Fame


Polo G Bloody Canvas Lyrics

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