Pond – Take Me Avalon I’m Young Lyrics

Pond Take Me Avalon I’m Young Lyrics

Winnie Pooh lying with his legs in the air
Impotent, sayin’ those were the days
I was young and hungered for flesh like a bear
An outgrown toy on a turning display out of sight
Yeah, out of sight
An overgrown boy watching his day turn
Very, very slowly to night


On the first day of spring, they danced in the clover
Collapsing with a grin, sayin’, “Thank God, it’s over”
Staring red cheeked to the white cliffs of Dover in the sun
And it’s begun
Sayin’, “Take me Avalon, I’m young”
Take me Avalon, I’m young

Take me Avalon, I’m young

Drunk stupid on moonlight, I wanna be quarantined
A 20th century sprite stalking the moors with greasy jeans
I don’t wanna see your Lindy Hop all across these blood slicked eaves
We’re here to finger God with dirty dreams and they’re done dirt cheap

Here’s looking at Euchlid, I really thought I was being funny
I was steamin’, I was Cupid, life was Cher when life was sunny

Better take me Avalon ’cause I’m young
Take me Avalon, I’m young
Said take me Avalon, I’m young

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