Pop Smoke – More Time Lyrics ft. 21 Savage

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Pop Smoke – FAITH Album Lyrics, Tracklist

More Time Lyrics by Pop Smoke

More time, melly and D nice still in the cage
More time, that ain’t gon’ stop us from getting paid
More time, certain things ain’t never gonna change
Never speak to them guys without your lawyer ’cause they giving more time
My man’s down, I put him on a chain
More time, a lotta niggas can’t handle the pain
More time, I’m a heart and a motor team
So my son killa sittin’ on a dream
Nigga more time

If my man’s down nigga I up and get ’em
Max Payne, I’m toting chests of Berettas
Never trust a boy, it’s always a set up
If I see an opp I bet I’ma wet ’em
New speed I bet I change up the level
Make it rain, I bet up I change up the weather
To walk through I need 25 or better
All hundreds, have ’em sticking together
Louie V and Amiri the denim
My man’s up, started rocking Gucci sweaters
Red bottoms, Rollies in the pen
Pinky ring, Cartier lens
Ride around, big body Benz
Blacked out, all you see is tint
See me I ain’t worried ’bout men
Act up, get a shot to the chin
Hollow tips got acquiring taste
Get straight but my brother a ape
Catch a body then I’m back in the cave
If you don’t got a body you can’t relate
If you don’t bang you can’t get in the car
Big woo, know I’m shooting for stars
Momma beggin’ me to pray to allah
Walk in the morn, niggas know who we are
40mm plain Jane
Niggas get life and start naming names
Pussy nigga, get the fuck out my way
Ma I’m sorry I’m just stuck in my ways

Hello, why I care bout a Regis and Pellot
I love my bitch Spanish, she yellow
Her ass fat, feel like jello
She say she want a shaneenee
Pop Smoke on the TV
I did 15 on my checkings
She said she didn’t believe me
Until I pulled up in the foreign
And I catch her on the T&D
Snowman like Jeezy
VS I’m freezing
Red bottoms I’m bleedin’
Louboutin when I’m steppin’
Stone cold what I’m reppin’
And big 38 for the weapon

Man down, check the score board
I’m a bulldog with this 44
Break legs like Paul George
Said I break legs like Paul George

Written by; Pop Smoke


Pop Smoke More Time Lyrics