Potter Payper – Intro (Thanks For Waiting) Lyrics

Potter Payper Intro Lyrics

Pressing issues, I got issues to press
Half a brick in the press
And I just tick him the rest
And I still land a HP
At your mrs’ address
Now I’m dripping to death
And we grown so I forgave him
But I didn’t forget
I remember jail house
It was shitty baguettes

Now bare ice tryna hit me
With some litty baguettes!
And the whole game tells me
That I’m literally the best
I guess we got different rulers out
To measure success
‘Cause I’m still thinking about Reece
I’m having visions of death

They wanna kill me for free
Gucci scarf when they pree
Man I put Ps on my head
They all say they fly straight
Then they lean to the left
I know killers, I know jackers
Kidnappers the rest
They all call my mum Aunty
It’s all love and respect
All them 3 for 25s
They weren’t coming correct
Now I want 50 for my verse
Tell him come with my cheque