Prince – When She Comes Lyrics

Prince When She Comes Lyrics, When She Comes Lyrics by Prince

When she comes
She never closes her eyes
She can see stars shoot
All over her sky
Over and over and over
Over and over

When she comes
She never, ever
Holds her sighs
She can b so free
Occasionally, she cries
Please don’t ask me why

I wanna tell you
I want to hear those sounds
You know which sounds
Like a tornado
(Round and round like a tornado)
A tornado
(Up and down, up and down)
Touching down
When she comes, she comes, she comes
Where am I?

When she comes
She walks around like she’s all this and all that
Like her ish don’t stank
You’all know what I’m talkin’ ’bout
I think you do
Some people might think it’s rude
But she’s more com4table in the nude
At first I thought she was a friend
But now she’s the first and last thing I ever want to do
Shooting stars every day and night
‘Cause when my woman comes
She comes, she comes
She comes